Saturday, June 06, 2020

My Kiwi Lane Website

Every wonder how you can purchase Kiwi Lane Templates?
It's very easy!

All you need to do is click on the Pink "Kiwi Lane" badge to the right, create a free account on my website and enter the shop.  There you will find all of the Kiwi Lane Designs items that I use to create my layouts.

To make it even easier, here is the direct link to my website:

When you use this link you will still need to create an account, but trust me!  It's painless!

If you need any assistance please let me know!


Friday, June 05, 2020

Sharing some new layouts!

I've decided that I need to keep myself busy!  And what better way to keep busy than to scrapbook! 

I thought I'd come on tonight to share my most recent layouts. 

Page Title: Love

Templates Used: 
Madison Avenue
Tiny Tags
12 Inch Strips
Tiny Springtime
Photos Mats

Page Title: Thankful for You

Templates Used:
12 Inch Strips
Tiny Springtime
Photo Mats

Page Title: Life is Lovely

Templates Used:
12 Inch Strips
Photos Mats

Page Title:  Just a Beautiful Day

Templates Used:
Clara Lane
Photo Mats
Tiny Springtime

Page Title: Happy Life

Templates Used:
12 Inch Strips
Photo Mats
Tiny Springtime
Tiny Tags

Thank you for visiting!


Sunday, May 10, 2020

Happy Sunday!

It's Mother's Day today...are you celebrating?

Here at our house, it's just a normal Sunday.  Working, Grocery Store, Cooking Dinner.  That's it. lol

It may be a "normal" day here, but I wanted to pop on and share some of my recent layouts with you all! These of course will be added to my Etsy store sometime this week :-)


Wednesday, May 06, 2020

And she's back!

You know how it is?

You think you know your password.
But it's wrong.

You think you signed in with one of your email accounts.
But it's wrong.

After spending a "little" while trying to remember passwords, usernames, etc., I am HAPPY to say...I"m back!

I've decided to come back to the Blogging world.

It's an escape of the everyday...A place where I can share things going on, things I create, things i want to say and things I want to show people.

A lot has gone on since I last posted...and a lot is going on right now.

But my motto for the year is "Be Happy".

I know, I can you be happy with the way the world is right now.  And the answer is, that there is always "something" to be HAPPY about.


Sunday, August 25, 2019

Yes, I am still here!

Yes, it's been awhile since I blogged.

A LONG while!

Things happen.

But today I decided to come back.

Yes, I'm still creating and scrapbooking.  I think I'll be doing that forever! It's a part of me, a part that I love! 

Years ago someone said I needed a hobby, and i got one.  I'm lucky it's one that I enjoy doing every single day.

It brings me joy!

And Joy is something that everyone should have :-)

So....would you like to see a few layouts that i created in the past year?

Some of have seen them, some have not, but I love them!

So to answer a few questions...

Yes I still create.
Yes I still am an Instructor with Kiwi Lane (5 years now!)
and Yes, I still have my Etsy Store where I sell the layouts that I create!  (link is up in the top right)

It was a good day to start back up again, don't you think?


Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Once Upon a Time There Was a Cat....

Once Upon a Time There Was a Cat...

And this cat was loved beyond all other things in life!  (at least that's what he thinks!) 

This cat is Spoiled....yes he is! 

This cat can sit wherever he wants...usually on me! 

This cat "thinks" he is KING of the house...okay, he really is! 

This cat has a name....and it's SnoopyCat. 

Lots of  my friends know about my cat Snoopy.  They know that I love him very, very much!  They know that I put his needs before mine...(you know like if he's sleeping on me and I need to get up I stay put until he wakes up).  

But what some people don't know is that Snoopy has his own Suite.  Yes...he has a room.  Why?  well...because he's grumpy and doesn't get along with my other two kitties (Bug and Dewey).  So we have to keep them separate 24 hours a day.  Some people think I'm crazy for living like this, having to rotate cats, but you know I adopted all three of them, and I adopted them for LIFE!  Which means I"ll work around them!  :-) 

So back to Snoopy. 

Yes, he has a room.  

And like any other cat that has is own room you know he NEEDS to have a sign for THAT room.  SO I made him one!  lol 

But First! 

This is SnoopyCat! 

So this post isn't really supposed to be about him, but he's sitting here watching me type this as I go along and he told me that I had better put a photo of him in this post!  lol 

And here is his sign!  

I guess I lucked out when I chose the file because it had a crown on it already! lol 

Just to be serious for a moment, this file is really great!  There are eight (8) different SVG Cut files of Cute Cats in this one file!  I LOVE it!  And yes..the Crazy Cat Lady in me has already cut out each of  the files out already in hopes of making a Kitty Album with them one day! 

I even attached a piece of Black Gingham Ribbon to hang it from...I really, really wanted to tie a big ole bow in it, but you know I thought I was pushing my limits between the Ribbon and the Pink Paper for a boy cat...

One thing I really wish I knew how to do here is how to add a video.  Why?  Well, because I put a little wobble underneath the Cat's Head so that if will wobble if you hit it.  It's TOTALLY cute!  and just makes me laugh when it wobbles!  

I hope you enjoyed my Project, as much as I enjoyed making it!  And yes...I really am a 
Crazy Cat Lady!

Files Used: 

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Happy Valentines!

Happy Valentines to you! 

I think next to Halloween, Valentines is my most favorite to create for! 

Both are easy as far as decorating....well, okay. Christmas is PRETTY easy too! 

Last year for Valentines I made lot some neat little projects to share with you!  This year, I have one.
Here's a Link to last years Valentine's Day Project Blog Post

Only one. 

But!  I LOVE how it turned out!  

Wanna see? 

For my FIRST February Project for My Scrap Chick I made this TOTALLY cute Valentines' Day Banner. AND I used my favorite Paper Manufacturer.  Authentique! 

I've added some close up photos for you to see. 

So what's an SVG file?  EVERYTHING!  Yes, Everything!  

The Banner, the Cupid, The Letters, the Heart.  


Now, they might be bits and pieces of larger files, but trust me...they are ALL SVG's from 

For the Banner I used four different SVG Files (all have links down below)  But, I htought it would be a good idea to post what i used from each file.  

1.  The Banner:  The banner was the main file.  I wanted to use the same shape banner all throughout so I chose the Shape I wanted and cut all the pieces from it. 

2.  The Cupids.  I needed two, one for each end.  The cupid was the easy one because it's the only shape in that particular SVG File.  All I did was cut two of the cupids and then flip one over so that it faced the opposite direction. 

3.  The Letters.  For the Letters I went into the 3-D Alphabet Pop Up Letters and deleted all of the components that I knew I didn't want to use.  After all of those were deleted I was left with main letter and the shadow.  Which was exactly what I wanted.  :-) I also pop dotted the Main Letter from the Shadow Letter. 

4.  The Heart Spacer. for this I used the Double Heart Closure for the Sweet Lollipop Holder.  Since I pop dotted the smaller heart onto the larger heart I decided to glue the ribbon onto the top of the smaller heart incstead of threading it through. 


Here's a list of all the SVG Files I used, as well as link to them.

Cupid Silhouette:

Alphabet Pop Letters

Party Pennants with Scallop Edge

Sweet Lollipop Holder