Saturday, January 02, 2016

More Photos for my Kiwi Lane Designer Template Binder

Last year some of you may remember that I posted a "Pin" on Pinterest showing how I store my Kiwi Lane Designer Templates.  I had some requests for more photos and took me a "little" while, but finally i have more photos to share.

Now...please note I didn't take a photo of EVERY single page I have in my Binder Storage System. That would be a little bit too repetitive to post.  I did however, take a pretty good amount of photos of my Binder.  I"m saying this as a warning though...there are A LOT of photos.  I mean a lot! Also note, I still have a few more to make.  And with it being the "New Year", working on my Organization is one of my "Resolutions".  We'll see how that goes through the year!

Here are more photos showing my Binder Storage System for my Kiwi Lane Designer Templates:

You may remember this photo. This is the original one that i posted on Pinterest.  It's when i first introduced my idea. I thought to myself, "Self, you really should share this".  So I did. 

You also may remember this little photo.  This is what my Designer Templates looked like before i organized them.  I kept them in a box.  All by themselves.  The problem with this was that i had to dig through the box when i wanted to find a template.  It took awhile....but i always found what i was looking for. 

This is the tool that i used to create the pockets for my album.  It from We R Memory Keepers and it's called "The Fuse".  As soon as i heard about this tool i knew exactly what i wanted to do with it!  Create storage pages for my Kiwi Lane Designer Templates.

First I'm going to explain to you how i made the pockets.  

  •  For each template set that i had, i chose the one with the widest measurement.  This set the width size for all the other templates in that "Category"

  •  I counted how many different templates there were in that Template Category.  This determined the number of pockets that would be needed for that set. 

  •  For each Template i measured how long it was and started cutting. 

  • Before I ""Fused" the edges of the page protector i cut approximately 3/4 of an inch from the top part of the Page Protector.  This provided a little gap, so that the template would be able to removed from the pocket after it had been "Fused" to the Base Page Protector.  

  • I would use a page protector and cut the amount of Pockets i needed for that group.  For example. for the Springtime Collection i knew that i would have six Pockets.  Each of these Pockets would be four inches wide.  But each of these would be a different length.  I would measure the length of each Pocket and using my fuse tool i would seal up the left and right sides.  For the bottoms of the pockets i tried to use the seem that was already present in the Page Protector. 

***While i was typing this and trying to explain how i made this i thought "Maybe I should make a video showing each of the steps".  So I"m going to work on that next...and since it's the New Year and I"m trying to keep my Resolutions (okay, i have one Resolution!) there's a pretty good chance that it will happen soon!  When I have a video ready on how I make these I will post a link to it here. 

(The Springtime Designer Template Collection is on the left hand side of the above photo) 

Here are more photos of my Template Storage Binder

Like I said, I didn't take a photo of every single page of templates that I have stored in my binder. But I tried to include a photo so that you can see how i did each "type" of Template.  I have the 12 inch Borders, the Accessory, the Mini Accessories, The Fun Borders, the Card Borders and More! Hopefully this will help you out when you create your Kiwi Lane Designer Template Binder System.

Have fun Creating!