Monday, June 09, 2014

So I made it as a Finalist in my Category in The Craftsys!

I entered this contest on a whim.
I entered it on a prayer.
And I'm crossing my fingers for tomorrow. 
I honestly feel that I don't have a chance at all, but you never know.  
So I"m REALLY not expecting anything.  

What was my Project that I submitted? 

The Happy Girl Canvas that I it is...

I absolutely LOVE this Canvas.  
The Photos were taken by me of my daughter in a Field of Sunflowers.
I was torn between using the Black and White photos versus, Color. 
I eventually decided that if I did use the Color it would be TOO much color. 
So Black and White it is. 

This little canvas...well it's not little.  
It's 16 x 20, it brings a Smile to my face. 
This little canvas....makes me happy.
This little canvas....shows my "Happy Girl"
This little much prettier in person!
This little canvas....