Friday, February 21, 2014

Sharing Some Projects

Every night before I shut off my computer I remember that I need to update my blog...and well, what happens?  I tell myself I'll do it the next night.

And guess what happens?

Nothing! lol. 

SO, since I just turned on my computer I thought that maybe before I get busy doing other things, maybe I should share my projects. Good idea?  I think so!

I'm going to start with my Canvas.  Why?  Well, because I LOVE it.  Just like it is.  Have nothing else to say other than I LOVE it. :0)

I was given a package from Scrappin' Goodtime to make a project with the Violet Crush Collection from KaiserCraft.  First, I have to be perfectly honest.  I don't scrapbook in Violet (or Purple for that matter!).  It's just really not my color of choice.  But, after putting the "Pieces of the Puzzle" together and adding the Black and White photo, I truly LOVE this layout!  I even showed my daughter the layout after I completed it and she agreed that it was beautiful!

For my final project I used bit and pieces of the November 2013 Scrapbooking Kit from Basic Grey.  Inside the kit it has projects, instructions and photos for you to follow along.  Um...I don't follow directions very well.  Of course I decided to do my own thing! lol  I haven't really taken any Birthday Photos lately (hard to do with a 19 year old that you really don't see that often) so I decided to do a page about my cats.  These photos were taken of the kitties when they just arrived at our house.  Before they got Big(ger)!

So...those are my projects that I've completed for Scrappin' Goodtime for January and February.  Of course, there are more, but these are my favorites.  For March I get to play with Jillibean Soup!  Looking forward to that project and I'm already planning the possibilities in my head!
Have a great day!