Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Please Vote For Me!

Okay, so yes I have decided to use my blog to reach out to everyone!

The Brave Girls Club is having a contest to win Registration to one of their WONDERFUL, AMAZING, LIFE-CHANGING Online Workshops! Soul Restoration 2. I really, Really, REALLY would LOVE to win registration so that I could participate in this class but I need YOUR help!

So I am Calling ALL of my FRIENDS! Because,I need your help! If you wouldn't mind could you please send an email to kallie@bravegirlsclub.com with my name (Jill Cornelius) in the subject line. Your email will count as a vote for me and I really can use ALL the votes I can possibly get! Thanks everyone! Voting ends tomorrow!

So please! please! please! send a vote in for me!


And if you would like to read about my experience with Soul Restoration 1 I posted about it yesterday!

Thank you for reading this, thank you for your vote, and thanks for being a friend!


Monday, March 28, 2011

A Little Bit of "Soul Restoration"

I only told a few people that I was taking this class.

Why? Well, how do you tell someone that you're going to take a Class called "Soul Restoration." I'd be faced with all of these questions and I didn't know how I would answer them.

Their Question: So what's the class about?
My Answer: I don't know.

Their Question: If you don't know what it's about then why are you taking it?
My Answer:
I don't know. Maybe I'm taking it so that I won't feel like I'm left out of something.

Their Question: Why do you think you need to take a class that "everyone" else is taking?
My Answer: Because maybe I will learn something.

Their Question: Do you think that you will be able to take an online class? Haven't you taken others that weren't good, or that you didn't like? Are you SURE that you want to do this again?
My Answer: Yes. I'm sure. I think I need to do it for me.

And the last answer was all it took.

I needed this class for me. I needed to restore myself and I was hoping that this class would help me do that.

Okay, so the title also intrigued me too!

I wondered what would be taught, what would/could Melody show us and teach us that we didn't already know? And the answer is A LOT!

Soul Restoration taught me SO so much about myself. It taught me to understand why I did certain things, and why I had certain beliefs. It taught me to overcome my fears, to go face to face with everything. To bring "scary" things out into the open and learn how to over come the "scariness". And to learn why they were scary in the first place.

Soul Restoration allowed me to go back through my life and see how far I have come. What I have accomplished,my journey (the good AND the bad) what I have done,my struggles, my celebrations, EVERYTHING! And I discovered that I have done a lot!

Soul Restoration taught me forgiveness. Yes...forgiveness. I have forgiven people that have hurt me in the past because that is the past. There is NOTHING You can do about the past! That's why it's called the PAST (lol). I'm looking towards the future now and how I can improve that future.

You know it's sort of funny, well to me at least. Every week I would look forward to the lesson that was going to be presented to us. I thought, "what are we going to do this week!" It was exciting! And I listened to EVERY word in the videos, sometimes three or four times! Over and over and OVER! Why? Because what we were taught was true.!

Yes, it was all true!

So now the question is Why Should YOU take this class? And my answer is....

Everyone can use a little Soul Restoration.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Good Morning and Happy March! (okay, so I'm a few days late!)

Just thought I'd pop on this morning and and try and update my blog a little bit! It seems that there is always something in my life that is being neglected and well lately it's my blog, my scrapbook room, my stuff! lol. But I'm going to fix all that stuff real soon!

A LOT has happened since I last posted. That was February! February is a VERY special month to me mainly because that is when my "little" girl was born! Sarah celebrated her 16th Birthday on February 7th. She had over a few (ten or twelve) friends, we went to dinner at Hibachi Rock, and then just came home and had a little bit of cake and ice cream.

So what am I NOT telling you?

Well really nothing, but you know how it is when you get teenagers together? You NEVER know what they are going to do! All of them were in my kitchen talking on one cell phone to one person. It was funny to see. They were entertaining themselves. And they had fun! And yes, Simon was very entertained by all of this!

Here's her Cake:

Isn't it PRETTY! She originally wanted me to make her a Birthday Cake mainly because I've NEVER made her one. But then we saw a similar cake to this one and I said that if she wanted that one for her 16th Birthday then that is what we will get. And it was BEAUTIFUL (and yummy too!).

Makes me sort of want to take up Cake Decorating!

Then if a 16th Birthday wasn't enough we had another BIG even with Sarah (No Dad, she didn't get a car, or her Driver's License!). Sarah got a JOB! Okay, it's part-time because that is all the high school students are allowed, part-time. But that's okay with her. And I told her that as long as she keeps up her grades then she can work. It's been okay so far with one exception. Having to have her at work at 7:00 a.m. on a Sunday Morning. I was so NOT happy about that one. But you know...I'll just have to adjust my sleep! lol

Up until the last time I posted until now it's been mainly taking Sarah to work, picking up Sarah from work, Weight Watcher Wednesday, making dinners, stuff like that. And now it's Spring Break...which means everyone gets a break except for me! UNTIL TODAY!

Today I am going to the Cricut Stampede in Frisco. The main reason I signed up for the event is because one of my MOST favorite Designers is coming! Teresa Collins! I can't wait to see her! As some of you remmeber I did go out for her Design Team and was a finalist. I didn't make it, but that doesn't amke a difference with Teresa! She is one of the most down to earth people that you could meet! REALLY she is!

Here's a photo of me and Teresa from last year!

SO Excited to see her!

I'll be doing a review of the event when I get back!

Have a GREAT Weekend! I know I will!