Friday, November 06, 2009

Circle Journal Time!

While I was at Creative Escape this year I decided that I wanted to participate in a Circle Journal.(Actually, I had some friends joining one and we thought it would be fun to do together!) They're supposed to be fun right? That's what I thought until it came down to finding the time to make it! But I found the time and completed it and it's on it's way to Michelle in Arizona! Michelle will be very happy when it finally arrives there.

I thought that I would post some photos of my journal so that the others in my group would be able to get a sneak peek of what's coming there way. Or in other words, to get prepared.

A circle journal is a journal that you create about a topic that you want it to be about. The journal travels around a circle of friends, and each friend adds there own entry into the journal, following your topic of course. For my topic I chose, "Well, isn't that Special...5 Random Things". What's that supposed to mean? Well, what I wrote in my journal is that everyone has some random things that are around there house...or even on display. And I'd like them to share what they are, and why they are special. Now for my entry, I got a little carried away with the number of things and well, I went over the five items. But that's okay! It's my journal. And since It's my journal I also created some "Rules and Regulations" or Guidelines for them to follow. I can't wait to see everyones entry. When will I get my journal back? Next August when I go back to Creative Escape!