Thursday, May 25, 2017

Happy Birthday to my Dad!

This past week it was my dad's birthday. 

Don't ask me how old he is because i have NO idea.

You know how it goes...your parents get older, and so do you and you don't really think about age anymore.  Yeah, that's me!  All I know is that I am in my early 20's and my dad is probably around 40-something.  And if you believe that then I have some beachfront property to show you in Nebraska.  :-)

But back to the Birthday Card. 

In my family everyone is usually late in sending their cards out.  It's just a family thing.  But we all know that everyone is thinking of everyone else on their birthday.  

But, what my dad doesn't know is that for the FIRST TIME EVER I MADE him a card.  Yes, you heard that right....I have never made my dad a Birthday Card before.  

Isn't it pretty! 

I have to say I really think it is!  

And I hope he likes it! (when i finally get to sending it to him) 

The great thing about this birthday card is that you can make one and totally customize the colors. 

I chose green, black and blue because those were the colors that were in the Chevron Striped paper. 

The card is super easy to make (I think i'm going to make a tutorial on this card this weekend, it's easier to show you how in photos than it is to explain, but it's SUPER Easy!) 

The first step was deciding what kind of card I wanted to make.  I knew this...I wanted to make a shaker card with LOTS of sequins in it!  (sorry dad!).  And I knew that I wanted the window to be an oval.  Simple!  I chose the following card (E17)  from the "Envelope Essentials with Ten Bonus Cards" file. 

Here's the list of files I used to make the shaker card: 

Have you looked at this file?  If you like to make shaker cards then this is the file for you!  And it's only $5.00!  

4 solid envelopes with decorative flaps and 20 envelopes with flaps and cutout windows as shown in photo.
Envelopes measure
3-1/2" x 4-1/2"
but if enlarged by 130% they will fit an A2 size card.
Folded cards with cutout windows to fit envelopes.
Plus 10 Bonus Note Cards

And a message to my dad.  Happy Birthday! 

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Happy Mother's Day Weekend!

This Sunday, May 14 is Mother's Day. 

And if you're like me, buy yourself something nice!  

This year i decided to make myself something that i thought was cute (to me at least!)  It's not really a Mother's Day project, but more or less a project that i had been thinking about for awhile. 

"You are my Sunshine" 

When i showed my daughter my project she smiled and asked me where her picture was.  Because she says "I am your Sunshine!".  Silly

For this project i used a 12 x 12 Wood Frame that i purchased from Michael's and painted it solid Black.  I thought about glittering the frame, but i didn't.  I still might!  Because I am a glitter loving girl! And of course if and when i do glitter it will be of course Black glitter! 

I downloaded the SVG files that I have listed below.  I used all at the downloaded size, except for the 12 inch Scalloped Square.  Since the Box was 12 Inches to start with, the Scalloped Square was too big to fit in and have a border.  So I just shrunk it down a bit to show that there was Black Paper behind the Blue. 

I rarely use the entire SVG File.  I'm more of a "parts" person.  Here is a list of "Parts" that i used from Each of the files. 

Love is in the Air Card:  Clouds
Hello Sunshine Shaped Cards:  Sunshine
Your Are My Sunshine Words Art:  Words only
Scalloped Squares:  12 Inch Scalloped Square resized slightly to fit in box and allow a border. 
Mento:  Flower

The SVG Files I used for this project include the following

Hello Sunshine Shaped Card

I hope you enjoyed my project!  I LOVE making things that make me smile and this was certainly one of them!

Have a Great Weekend AND a Great Mother's Day!