Friday, July 13, 2007

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Pink Pirates!!!
School Daze

Rusty Pickle CHA SNEAK PEEK!!!!

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I have a Secret "Blog" Reader! LOL

Okay so I was talking on the phone today to my mom...she lives in Tallahassee (Florida). And well, I was asking her if she would come and pick me and Sarah up at the airport...we are going on a little visit, since Sarah hasn't seen "Georgia and Renata" for awhile. So as I was saying, I was talking to my mom and said, "You know what Jill"...what mom...and then she told me. She reads my blog! And do you know why she reads it? So that she knows that I am still around. I guess that I don't keep in touch that much, and that if I update my blog at least she knows that everything is okay! (or that at least I'm still around)

Guess I better post a picture too so that she will really know that I've been here!

Have a great day!


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Yes, I am still here....{With Some WONDERFUL News!!!}

Yes. I'm still here.

I have to pinch myself every now and then.


Well, remember the Rusty Pickle Design Team contest???

Well....i made it!!!

They announced the winners on Monday. We actually received emails that day...and I read mine carefully...just to make sure...and sure enough! I made it!

And not only that! But I have a new friend who made it too!!! Amanda Oates!!! She is this really GREAT scrapbooker and I couldn't be more happier for her! Well I'm happy for both of us!

So Monday (June 9th) we received our emails. And we made it, along with ten other ladies (who are just as excited as I am! But it didn't really hit me until about 45 minutes later. I just sat at my computer, and said to myself...I did it...I couldn't believe it. And I can't wait to get started!

My daughter came in the room after the announcement was made on the Rusty Pickle site and she said to me, "Mom, can we go to the Zoo now?" And I told her, "Yes, Sarah...we can go to the Zoo now". But since it rained on Monday and Tuesday, we didn't get to go until today...97 degrees out and we are at the Zoo. But I told her that I would take her, and I at least I have a happy 12 year old. At least for a little while!

While we were at the Zoo we went by and saw the otters. The Otters are Sarah's favorite animal to watch because they come right up to the observation window and look at you! Just like you are the one they are supposed to be watching, and not the other way around! And I tried to get this picture of the five otters swimming under water towards us...i think I got it, but I'm going to check if you see an otter picture here later on, you'll know what it's from.

I'm going to leave for now. I have some major cleaning up to do in my scrapbook room. Lots of stuff that needs to be put back where it belongs, zoo pictures to be uploaded, and I want to scrapbook something! (Plus it's getting ready to really storm outside!)

Have a GREAT DAY!!!