Friday, July 13, 2007

I have a Secret "Blog" Reader! LOL

Okay so I was talking on the phone today to my mom...she lives in Tallahassee (Florida). And well, I was asking her if she would come and pick me and Sarah up at the airport...we are going on a little visit, since Sarah hasn't seen "Georgia and Renata" for awhile. So as I was saying, I was talking to my mom and said, "You know what Jill"...what mom...and then she told me. She reads my blog! And do you know why she reads it? So that she knows that I am still around. I guess that I don't keep in touch that much, and that if I update my blog at least she knows that everything is okay! (or that at least I'm still around)

Guess I better post a picture too so that she will really know that I've been here!

Have a great day!



Chiara said...

oh how cute. My secret blog reader is DH

Casey said...

LOL Your mom sounds so cute.. your daughter is just as adorable!