Thursday, December 04, 2014

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!  Not only in the shops and the decorations but also in my scrapbook room.  I LOVE Christmas. From Shopping, to wrapping, to Christmas Cards, to December Journals to well...EVERYTHING! 

Hello December!  I hope that you and i can get out act together this year!  lol

With Christmas SO close I thought that I would share a layout that I created using the Kiwi Lane Design Templates!

The layout that I created for this month's project is from a Christmas Past.  2011 to be exact.  You can't see the journaling  because, well, it's hidden.  But the story behind the photo more or less is my family went to the Texas Gaylord to see the Ice Exhibit.  It was COLD!  Really COLD!  Which is why we all had on these big giant Parkas! But I caught this photo of my daughter and my husband smiling.  And well, it was the perfect photo for this layout.  I hope you like it! 

To create this layout I used several different sets of Design Templates from Kiwi Lane.  I also used the "Times & Seasons"  Paper Collection from Echo Park as well as a sheet from the "For The  Record" Collection from Echo Park and a sheet of Specialty Cardstock from Bazzill.  (LOVE Bazzill, especially their Dotted Swiss Paper, which is NOT what I used, but I wanted to give a shout out to it anyway!)

Here is a list of the templates that I used to create my page:
Mini Abbie Road 1A
Scallop 1A
Tiny Tags 1A
Cedar Trails 1A
Winter 3
Christmas 2
12 Inch Strips

Now, let me tell you about the design of the layout.  I created the back ground using the Scallop, the Cedar Trail, and believe it or not the Mini Abbie Border.  I'm sure that you can tell where I used the Scallop and the Cedar Trail, but what about the Mini Abbie?  I"ll help you out!  I used it for the border underneath the tree.  I actually only used the 1A Template for the entire 12 inch length by tracing it the way it appears on one half of the paper and then I flipped it over, matched up some areas and traced it on the remainder of the paper. I love the way it turned out.  I usually do things by trial and error anyway, and well, this one worked out for me! :0)

Also, if you notice at the bottom of my's not a straight edge.  I decided to use the Cedar Trail Designer Template set and make it not so straight! :0) I LOVE the way tgit turned out and will most likely be doing this on more pages in the future! 

For the tree I traced the Christmas Tree Template three different timehts and shorteneed the width each time. I then embossed each section of the tree, inked the edges and the embossed dots.  Then I layered the trees and used pop dots to add dimension. Here's a SUPER close up photo of the tree. (The white border on the left hand side of my page is actually the background of what I take my photos on...the Christmas Tree is right there, exactly on that edge).

 The upper right hand corner of the layout needed something and i thought adding the holly leaf and berries was perfect! 

 And what would a layout be without having a banner on it, even if it's at the bottom of the layout?  Well I added one!  Because just like the Scallop Border Template I LOVE the Tiny Tags 1A Template!  I use those to in my layouts alot! 

I hope you enjoyed my project for this month. I LOVE creating things with the Kiwi Lane Designer Templates! Even though this is a Christmas Layout you can change a few things like add a ghost or a pumpkin where the tree is, take away the Holly and Berries, add something else there and add a "BOO" to the Banner for a Halloween Layout.  The possibilities are endless~ 

Be sure to stop by the Kiwi Lane Designs Blog and Facebook Page for MORE ideas on how to use the Kiwi Lane Designs Templates!  And remember, to shop early for YOUR Christmas Present! (Kiwi Lane Designs has a few things in their Shop that I wouldn't mind having! )

Merry Christmas! 

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

The Holiday Season is Approaching!

Yes, the Holiday Season is approaching and it's going to come full force whether you are ready or not!  

But that's okay, I'm ready!  Well, I say I am now, but when I wrap my packages for Christmas there is one item that I'm always on the hunt for.  Gift Tags.  But why shop for them when you can make them yourself with the help of Kiwi Lane's Designer Tag Templates! 

Tags are Fun and they are easy to make too!  I LOVE tags! Tags are like little scrapbook pages that can be made over and over really fast and they can be used on a variety of projects.  AND if you want, tags can be made for gift giving too!  So this month I made Gift Tags! 

You can make a Gift Tag easily with the help of the Kiwi Lane Designer Templates.  AND you can make them for any occasion!  Birthday, Holiday, Just Because and many more!  All you need to do it pick a tag, pick an accessory template and then get to work decorating.  

To show you how easy it is, here is how I went about creating my tags for this month's  blog project.  I'm going to show you all the tags i "thought" about using...but you'll soon notice that I didn't use all of them. But maybe you'll get an idea or two from the photo? 

Yes...for this photo I laid all the template out and took a picture.  Why?  Well, because I wasn't quite sure of which tag I wanted to use.  So better be prepared than have to go back and rework something later. 

 The next thing I did was I layered the smaller Tiny Tag Templates on Top of the Larger Tag Templates.  I thought by doing this I could see a better idea of what I wanted to do. (and yes, I know I need to clean my Tiny Tag Template's my most used! lol ) 

After I layered the Tiny Tag Templates onto the larger templates I decided that I would take the Tiny Holiday Designer Templates and layer those on top of each of the Templates to help me further along in my design. 

Since I still wasn't quite sure what I was going to do yet, but had some ideas, i decided that it was time to Trace and Cut out the Tags.  For my base I used Kraft Paper. I like using Kraft Paper because it goes with just about everything! 

Kraft Paper is really nice, but I wanted to add some texture to the tags to make them stand out a bit! So I then Embossed them. :0) 

After Embossing I always ink the edges....okay, so inked some of the Embossed Image too! 

After I finish Embossing and Inking it's now time to decorate!  
Here are the tags that I created. 

Tag 1. 

For this tag I used the Kiwi Lane Tag Template Number 6, The Scallop Border Number 1A, and the Tiny Holiday 1T. The paper I used for this Tag is from The Teresa Collins Fabrications Line.  The ribbon is from my stash as well as the alphabet stickers. 

Tag 2

This was a very easy Tag to make.  And it uses all of my favorites!  The Tags Templates I used are the Tags 1, the Tiny Tags 1. I also used  Scallop Border 1A, for the top of the tag.  And then there is the paper I used. (I actually used three of my favorite companies for my projects this month, two others in addition to Teresa Collins!)  For this project I used a little bit of the Authentique Joyous Collection (LOVE Authentique) and a little bit of My Mind's Eye (LOVE My Mind's Eye!) Together they made the tag perfect for me! (or for someone who is on my Christmas List). 

Tag 3. 

For Tag Number Three I used Tag Template Number 2 layered some beautiful paper (Teresa Collins) on it, and extended it in length about an inch.  (it needed to be longer) I added some lace to the top and bottom of the Fabrications Paper and then I created my Owl.  For the Owl I used the Autumn Template Number 5 and used different Sheets of paper from The Teresa Collin's Fabrication Line, added some pearls to her neckline and at the base and attached it to my tag. Almost forgot!  I also embossed the owl's face so that it wouldn't fade into the tag.

So I have three beautiful (to me) tags that I can use on gifts (or not!) Then I thought....l need a Christmas Card!  So I created a Christmas Card too! 
Simple, Easy, and Fast to make!  I used the Tiny Tag Template on this Card and cut it out of three different Papers from The Teresa Collins Fabrications Collection.  I love the look and it's easy to make so I can get all of my cards done fast.  (and quite possibly get them mailed out this year). 

So i hope you've enjoyed my projects for this month....and maybe, just maybe I've inspired someone to make some tags for Christmas! Gift Tags are fast and easy to make!  And EVERYONE loves them! 

Templates Used: 
Tags 1, 2 & 6 

Monday, October 13, 2014

Happy October!

Can you believe it's October already? 

Before I show you my new October Kiwi Lane Project I need to let you all know who the winner was of my September giveaway.  The winner is Tinad.  Tina, if you would email me directly at my email address ( and let me know your Snail Mail address I will get the layout to you!  Congratulations!  I hope you enjoy it! :0) 

Now, on to October. 

This month I was had the opportunity to work with paper from Authentique! Authentique is my most favorite Paper Company!  Love Love Love Authentique! can you NOT love them? 

Here's my completed project! 

With Halloween Coming up at the end of the month it was perfect timing to play with the Spirited Collection of Halloween Paper from Authentique.  The paper assortment that I received had two pages that to me were really meant to be a "Base Page". By "Base Page" I mean I didn't want to use the Design Templates on it to cut it apart.  I wanted to use it as it was...and build my page onto it.  This meant that I was going to be using a LOT of Accessory Templates to design my page. 
I started by choosing which of the "Base Pages" I wanted to use for my layout (I decided on "Eerie" it's the page with the haunted house, tree, and writing). 

After I decided which one to use, I began to lay out the different Kiwi Lane Designer Templates that I wanted to use.  I always start a page with just a few templates...and eventually as the page goes along I add to it.  (and as the case may be I can take some away too!). 

Just a note.  That Pennant Template from the Kiwi Lane Designer Tag Template Collection is used a LOT, if you can't tell! lol.

I knew that there were some templates that I wanted to use for sure!  Like the new Delight Card Template Set, the Halloween Designer Template Set, and the Celebrate Designer Template Set

 The Celebrate Designer Template set has a "Cloud" Template (Celebrate 5) in it that I just HAD to use...and then since I used the BIG Cloud, I of course had to use the Smaller Cloud. (Celebrate 5t). The same had to be said for the Ghost...if I used the Big Ghost from the Halloween Designer Set (Template 1) I of course needed to use the Smaller Ghost from the Holiday Set (5t).  And so it began!  Big and Little that's how this page went for me.  

After cutting and adding to my page I of course added some Bling to set things off! Orange Bling this time...I wanted to match the paper that I was using and Orange seemed to fit! :0) I also added in a few buttons and some matching embroidery thread and the end result? A Boo-tiful Page! 

And the photo?  Well...that was the hard part for me.  All of my photos of earlier Halloween's have been scrapbooked.  So I found one of my daughter from one of her High School Football Boo-Bowl's (where the kids in the Band and ColorGuard and band get to wear Halloween Costumes to the game and perform in them during halftime).  Yes....she's dressed as a guy.  

Here's a list of the Templates that I used to create my page: 

Templates Used: 

I hope you like my project! Want to see more of Authentique Paper?  Go by there website, blog or visit and like them on Facebook! And don't forget!  Be sure to stop by the Kiwi Lane Designs Facebook Page Too!  There's always lots of inspiration there! 

Happy Halloween! 


Monday, September 15, 2014


How many times have you heard that?  A lot I bet!  But it really is a Beautiful Day for me because I get to show you my layout using Bella Blvd.!  And it will be an even MORE Beautiful day for someone out there! 

This month I had the opportunity to work with Bella Blvd.  I LOVE Bella Blvd., and you should too! Bella Blvd. has LOTS of fun paper in beautiful bright, cheery colors! When I opened my package I thought to myself, "this is going to be a HAPPY layout!"  and it is!  The Molly Collection is perfect for creating pages for Girls (both little and big!)  My plan was to create a FUN layout of my daughter and her best friend.  And that's what I did, or at least what I started to do. 

Here are the FUN Papers that I worked with this month! 

When I begin a scrapbook page I'm really never intending it to be a two usually starts out as a one page layout....(here's what it looks like in the beginning)

But after I have the first page all out on paper I begin to wonder what it would look like as a two page layout and well, things start to take off!  You'll see the end result in a few minutes! 

Along with the Molly Collection I also used Clara Lane Design Template Collection from Kiwi Lane, along with the Rings.  The Rings are super fun to use!  I made photo mats out of mine, and used the Clara Lane mainly for the borders.  And of course I used my favorite template of all, the Scallop, to add a little bit of character to the pages.  I'm the type of Scrapbooker who thinks that a Scallop can be used on every page you create.  

Here's my final layout...and yes, it turned out to be a two page layout! 

As you can see from my layout I used the Clara Lane Template as the main Border Template for my page.  I just cut the width of the border in different sizes.  Also when I was using the Scallop Border, I tried to use the "words" in the Bella Blvd. paper as a guide.  I wanted the words to be shown in the page and not have them cut off so that you couldn't read what they were saying.  Since the background paper included flowers I had to use one of the flowers from the  Kiwi Lane Accent Collection to add as an embellishment to my page.  Along with my added ink and the usual rhinestones I REALLY like the way my page turned out.  

If you'd like to re-create my layout, here are the Kiwi Lane Templates that I used to create it: 
Templates Used: 

Be sure to stop by and say "Hello" to Bella Blvd. on Facebook! Stop by there Blog for MORE inspiration! OR, stop by and their Site to see ALL the Beautiful Bella Blvd. Products! 

So did you notice that there aren't any photos on my Layout?  Well that's because I've decided to give it away to one lucky winner.'s the deal.  September is a Special Month for me, my birthday is in September.  And well, I thought I'd like to brighten someone's day. SO how would you like to be chosen to receive this page as a gift from me to you?  All you have to do is leave a comment here on my personal blog!  You have until September 30, 2014 to leave a comment. and a winner will be chosen on October 1st!  
Oh...and P.S.  My's the 21st! :0)

Have a GREAT Day!

Jill :0)

Monday, August 25, 2014

Today is the First Day of School!

And it's also the beginning of my official countdown to Christmas! 

Yes. Christmas. 

With Christmas so close (only like 18 Friday's away!) I'm starting to gear up and make things for my Christmas Tree.  Did you know that you can make Christmas Ornaments with Kiwi Lane Design Templates?  You Can! And I did!  Actually it really happened entirely by accident.  I was sitting in my Craft Room playing with the templates, moving them around, and thinking..."what can I make?"  And then I saw was as Angel. No not in the distance...i saw it on my table with templates! :0) 

But why Christmas now?  Can't we focus on Halloween, or Thanksgiving?  Nope.  I needed to make an Angel!

Making the Angels were easy!  All you need are a base, a head, some wings and a halo...or in Templates all you needed was a Ring (or a Badge from Playtime Template Pack), A Balloon, A Cloud, and a smaller Ring. Each Angel is Sewn together ( of her were hot glued), had their face sewn on, and then they needed to be dressed.  And that's where Mon Ami Gabby came in handy!  I used some beautiful Lace Trim from Mon Ami Gabby.  I think the trim gave each of the Angels the perfect look! 

If you'd like to make an Angel too here are the Kiwi Lane Design Templates that I used: 
Playtime:  6
Rings: 1, 4

Cut one Ring. 
 Do not Cut the inner ring. This is the Angle's Body. 

Cut the Ring in Half. 

 Cut two Balloons.  Sew a Face on one of the Balloons, then sew the two together and stuff with Fiber Fill. 

 Using the Celebrate 5T Template, cut two clouds out of heavy cardstock.  Then Cover with Material, such as felt.  I used felt on one side and some material from Mon Ami Gabby

Using the Ring 1 Template, cut one Ring from Felt.  
Do not cut out the inner Ring. 

Cut in half. 

For each of the Rings that you cut in half, apply adhesive to one side of the Ring and adhere together.  You will do this with One of the large Ring Halves and both of the smaller Ring halves.  The Large Ring half is the Body of the Angel.  The smaller Ring Halves are the Angles arms. 

Then all you have to do is Glue everything together!   


Don't forget!  Be sure to stop by and visit Mon Ami Gabby on Facebook!  Like them on Pinterest!  Or, You could also do one of my favorite things....go Shopping!  I'm sure you'll find something pretty and sparkly to play with too!

Thanks for stopping by and have a GREAT day! 


Friday, August 08, 2014

Happy Birthday Kiwi Lane!

In case you didn't know...Kiwi Lane is now 5 Years Old!  And well...I knew that when I was making my project for this month, but I actually had this project in mind for someone else.  



You see in September I turn the big 5-0!  Yes, 50.  And well since I'm the one who is responsible for Birthday's around here I decided that I needed to make a decoration for me!

It's Bright, It's Shiny, It's Sparkly and it's Pink!

And it just makes me happy to look at it.  

When I first started my project I already had the frame painted and glittered and I also had the paper that I wanted to use in their respective spots. But I still sat and looked at it for the longest time trying to figure out what I wanted to go in each section.  I pulled out some templates from the Tiny Celebrate Template Collection (the templates i used are: 1T, 4T, 5T, 6T) and the Playtime Collection (the template I used is 3) and just sort of laid them out to how I "thought" I wanted them to be. Here's a snapshot of that process....

Each wooden section of the frame highlights a different Designer Template in the Tiny Celebrate Template Collection (there are MORE templates in the package, but i just used those that I found fit my personal theme).

As you can see it's a LOT different from what I started out with.  I moved some things around and added some others.

I made an Ice Cream Cone!
(with some Sparkly Sprinkles!)

I Made Some Pinwheels!
(With Rhinestone Centers!)

 Some Sparkly Balloons! 
(With Sparkly Spots!)

And a Pretty Pink Banner!

 The Banner is Special!  It's made from some very, very pretty Material from Mon Ami Gabby!  But here's the was white.  Can you imagine what my banner would like white?  No, neither can I.  It HAD to be Pink. So I did what any normal Scrapbooker would do.

I painted it. :o)

The pretty Sparkly Pink Rhinestones are also from Mon Ami Gabby!  I LOVE their product (and yes, I have other things from them hidden away!)  

Be sure to stop by and visit Mon Ami Gabby on Facebook!  Or, You could also do one of my favorite things....go Shopping!  I'm sure you'll find something pretty and sparkly to play with too! 

And ALSO!  Remember to stop by The Kiwi Lane Designs Facebook Page and tell them "Happy Birthday!" 

Thanks for visiting me today!  Have a Great one! :0)