Friday, November 16, 2007

Seven Random Facts about Me....

My Friend Ann Corbiere-Scott tagged me...and well usually I don't do very well with being tagged. I don't do them...but I figured that if I didn't do Ann's then she would let me know! (in a good way!) Plus, she said that she was going to keep her eyes open to see if I respond. So here are my "Seven Random Facts About Me".

1. I have curly hair. Yep...see the picture to the right...just down a bit...that's me. With Curly Hair. Now mind you on some days it's curls good and some days it's curls bad. So I guess you could say that the day I took this picture it was a semi-good curly day. was my birthday and I decided that it was about time that I took a new picture of me! Did you notice the words? Time for me to take a picture of me? It seems that whenever I need a picture of me there is noone around, and when they are around they just don't do what I want them to it's just easier to take a picture of me all by myself! Okay, I'm digressing.

2. I don't leave the house without having makeup on or having my hair done. Just don't do it. I don't even like going to the mail box without having done those two things.

3. I arrangment my jewelry at night on my dresser. I have to lay it out. Yes, I know it's might call it O.C.D. but it has to be done. Also I straighten everything out on my bathroom counter too. So it's nice and neat the way I want it.

4. I wear my glasses to bed. Don't you? I mean that way if I have to get up on the middle of the night I'll be able to see! It can be a problem though...especially when I wake up in the morning and find that the frame has been bent every which way....this problem though will be remedied on January 9th. I'm having Lasik. (i think I have 55 days to go!)

5. I don't like my dh to go into my car. It's off limits to him. Also my scrapbook room is off limits. Let's put it this way...anything that is mine is off limits. Yeah...that's the ticket! lol But seriously...he would laugh if he saw some of the stuff in my car. On the door panel I have my scrapbook magazines, I have one glove in the glove box...cause I can't drive with two on...

6. I don't like dishes piled up on the kitchen counter. The sink is fine...but not hte counter. You see, the sink goes down and well, the counter is flat and if they are in the sink then there is a better change that I won't see them!

7. I love cats. If I could have a houseful of cats I would. But Simon said that three is enough. Which is really too bad because down at Petco there is this cat named "Henry" and he is the sweetest kitty cat! And yes, I go and visit him...often. Okay...I go to Petco several times a week to visit the cats. Now that's random isn't it!

Oh, and Ann... if you are reading this...Whenever we hear the name Cornelius we think of the Rooster that is on the box of the Kellogs Corn Flakes. Yep, you guessed it, his name is Cornelius.

Have a great day!


Thursday, November 08, 2007

My Christmas "Wish" List

I was visiting one of my favorite Scrapbooking Message Boards today ( and there was a thread there about Christmas. The thread got me thinking. In it there was one comment that said "I know you don't shop at so and so store, but I do". Well that one sentence got me thinking! There are lots of stores that I don't shop at and there are lots of stores that I DO Shop at. And some of the stores that people do shop at FOR me are are not the same stores that i go to. So, what better place to list the stores that I do shop at!

Since I am a scrapbooker, a gift card to a scrapbook store would be a wonderful idea! However, all the stores in my area are closing...well the scrapbook stores. BUT! we still have Hobby Lobby and Michael's. So if someone wanted to purchase a gift card for me for scrapbooking supplies it would be wonderful to have one to Hobby Lobby or Michael's. Hobby Lobby is less than a mile from my house and I am there a LOT! (okay, maybe i shouldn't say a lot...but at least 3 or more times a week I can be found wondering the aisles). Michaels is about six miles away, but I like to go there to see what they have on sale. They also carry this ribbon that I like to use on just about every project.

Clothing stores. Okay, so since I am a scrapbooker I (personally, just me!) don't like to spend a lot on my clothes. I am perfectly comfortable in sweats, tshirts, jeans, sweaters and stuff like that. I like to look neat, but if I paint or spill mod podge on me I don't want to ruin what I have on. So I shop at Target mostly. Once in awhile I will venture to Dillards or somewhere like that if I have to have something really nice, but most days you will find me in comfy clothes that I can replace easily. I know, if I wore an apron that would protect my clothes wouldn't it!.

What else would I like for Christmas:

Hmmmm....I just got a new camera for my Birthday! It's a NIKON D40X...I'd love a new lense for my camera! So I'm hoping that dh will get that for me!

Ohh..but you know what! I would also love a tv/dvd/combo for my scrapbook room! that way I could watch movies while i worked! So the best place to buy one of those is at Target or Best Buy!

See, there's lots of things that I could put on my list! But mostly gift cards would be great! Especially if they are all to the same place! That way I can combine them and put them towards one big item! Like a tv for my room....or a lense for my camera, or even a cartridge for my Cricut Machine.

Just some shopping advice from someone who is going to have a Wonderful Christmas! (because I usually shop for myself! lol)

Have a great day!


Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Posting Some Projects!

This month's Rusty Pickle Challenge is up on the RP Blog! Go to and take a look! Also all the chefs gave the challenge a try too! Including me! I LOVED how my layout for the challenge turned out!

You know what the nicest thing about having a blog is? It's your own personal gallery! You can post whatever you want in it! So that's what I'm going to do today! Here are a few project that I did lately! I would love to post this one project that I just finished today but I have submittal plans for that one!

This is the second Family Chipboard sign that I made for the Armstrong Family Fundraiser (the first was made with the Cap'n Jack Line. This sign was made using the new French Market line from Rusty Pickle. I LOVE how it turned out! And now I want to make one myself! This sign was made using only FIVE sheets of Rusty Pickle Paper.

Yes, my cat is a party animal isn't he! This is my sixteen year old cat Joey. Yes, he has a party hat on, and yes we had a party, but it wasn't for was for my other cat Snoopy. The hat belongs to one of my daughter's bears from Build-A-Bear...luckily it fits my kitty cats too! I put this hat on Joey when he was sitting up, but then he just sort of laid down and I snapped this really cute picture of him!

Thanks for looking!