Sunday, April 05, 2009

Rusty Pickle Design Team Call!!!

Good news!

Rusty Pickle is looking to expand our elite design team!

Ten finalists will be chosen to run an "amazing race" where their talent (and ability to function on minimal sleep ;)) will be put to the test. Of these ten finalists, five will be chosen to join the Rusty Pickle team.

The deadline for entry is Sunday May 31st at 12 noon Mountain Standard time. Please submit the following 3 projects for consideration: (1) 2-page 12x12 layout, an altered project and a mini album 8x8 or smaller with at least 6 pages. Projects must contain 100% Rusty Pickle product to qualify. Email all entries to:

Please limit one email per contestant with 1 project image of the layout, 1 project image of the altered project and one compilation image (six images) of the album (this compilation can be done using photo-editing software). The images are to be no more than 700 x 700 pixels. In the subject line put only your name. The ten finalists will be announced Friday, June 5th at 12 noon.
Thank you and good luck!

*Clarification on the 100% Rusty Pickle Product requirement* You can use paint, ink, thread, pens, cardstock, etc. Just make sure if RP makes a version of something, you use that. For example, Rusty Pickle makes bling, so use that instead of another manufacturer's. Rusty Pickle does not manufacture paint, glimmer mist, ink, thread, pens, etc. so you are okay to use those items on your projects.

Friday, April 03, 2009

Welcome to April!

Yeah...I thought I missed March! lol

Winter I think is finally leaving Texas! Well at least for today. It looks like it's pretty nice outside. But, I'm inside trying to get over this bug that i have! I just really want to go sit in front of my TV with my blankie and watch a good chick flick! Come to think of it! I think I'll do that after I go get Sarah from School.

Whenever I come to my blog I always go and look to see where people visit me are from. I think it's sort of cool to see that I have people come here from a BUNCH of different places! One of those places is Tallahassee, Florida. That's where my parents live and I know my mom (and dad) come here to see if I post anything interesting. Hi mom (dad)! I see you visited me a few days ago! lol!

So for the sake of my parents I'm going to answer a few questions:
1. I'm fine. .
2. Sarah is fine.
3. Simon is fine.
4. Both cats and the hamster are fine. (noone is sleeping)
5. Everything is fine.

Now my mom can say she's heard from me!

It's sort of funny when I talk to my mom. We can go a LONG time without talking to each other, yet when we do talk we can continue a converation that took place months ago! This is something that my dear husband can't understand! I mean, when I talk to my husband about something a month ago, he should be able to remember that conversation next month right? lol
Well truth be told he doesn't. Take for example this morning, he wanted to have a "talk" about something that is going to be happening in June...and he asked me to "refresh" his memory because he knew that he wouldn't get it right. At least he realizes these things.

So now that my Mom and Dad know that everything here is "fine" I'll entertain them with some of my scrapbooking!

Have a Great Day Everyoon!