Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Happy February!

Yes, it's February. Almost 3 months since I last posted. We had Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Birthday, etc....but I'm back!

First order of Business!

How would you like to win some Rusty Pickle Goodies from CHA? All you have to do is go to the Rusty Pickle Blog at http://rustypickle.typepad.com and leave a comment in the comment section. Every day this week someone will be winning a prize package from Rusty Pickle! So go enter your name!

Also, over at Lance's Blog, http://lanceanderson.typepad.com he is also have some giveaways! Go leave comments at both sites! You never know you could be a winner!

Okay, so where have I been?

Well, I knew that I would be busy over Christmas. I decided to make a lot of Christmas presents this year and with dh going overseas to visit his mum they had to be done early! So that took me away from the computer. Then, it was Christmas here and dh takes off two weeks at Christmas every year, so well that's where I was too!
Then there's New Years and well I spend that day scrapbooking with my friends. And then I decided to enter HOF. But at the same time I was preparing my entry for HOF I was also creating booth samples for CHA.

That's November, December and January. So now we are in February and that's Sarah's Birthday. She turned 13 this year and we had a party at the mall this year. (I'm going to dedicate a post about this tomorrow!).

But I can say that I have honestly been busy working on "things".

But I am back!

And I wanted to start posting projects on my blog again! Here is a project that I made for Rusty Pickle. I used the School Daze Collection and an Arrow Chipboard Album. I painted the chipboard and then used stickles on the chipboard to make them glittery! I absolutely LOVE to create album covers! I thinks that the covers of albums are the part of an album that I enjoy the most!

Well gotta go for now! My Brother-in-Law is visiting us for the week! He came all the way from Bratislava to surprise Sarah for her birthday!

Until tomorrow!