Thursday, October 29, 2009

End of October....

And I'm tired, but I wanted to post some projects that I did for this month. Have a Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Happy October!

October! It's starting to feel a little cooler here in Texas! Yeah!!! I LOVE it went it gets cooler...mind you I still walk around in my shorts, t-shirts and flip-flops!

I am basically about two months behind in things. And yes, I realize that. I have a LOT of projects that I have to get going, get caught up on and finish. Of those I have a circle journal to start (i.e., create), projects from Creative Escape to finish (Quote Swap Book, 7Gypsies Project, Heather Bailey Project, Carol Wingert Project) and a bunch of other stuff to get done which also includes Christmas Shopping.

In August I went to Creative Escape in Phoenix and before I got there I participated in a "Quote Swap". When I first heard of this swap I KNEW what quotes I was going to use! Isn't it funny how you can decide what you are going to do before you officially join a swap? Here are some photos of my pile of quote cards as well as the a photo of each of hte complete cards.

This photo is of all of my quote cards that I made. I thought it looked neat so I had to take a picture of it!

Yeah...everyone knows how much I love my pets! And this is one of my most favorite quotes, so it was a given that I would do this one.

This quote cards was fun to make. I LOVED this saying when I heard it on "October Road" (you rember that show don't you?). The lead actors mom told him this saying when he was growing up, and when I heard it, it sort of stuck in my head. So now, don't laugh, but you know everything is an adventure! And without hearing this quote I probably would have chickened out of going to the Grand Canyon by myself last year...I even went on the skywalk ALL BY MYSELF! Now that was an adventure!

What else have I been doing? Well Rusty Pickle projects of course! Here are my latest ones!

This photo was taken last year at her Choir concert. They were allowed to wear a nice dress to the concert and well, she wanted to get this dress and she wore it with blue Van sneakers...she looked really cute and a lot of the other girls there said they wished they had thought of wearing sneakers! For this page I used the "Girlfriends", Rockin' America, and Brass Knuckles line along with some chipboard, ink and glimmer mist.

This is a photo of my daughter that I took at Christmas while we were at the Gaylord here in Texas. There was this big glitter star and I thought it would make a great page! I used the Brass Knuckles line along with some rubons, glimmer mist and ink.

Okay, I think that Panama Jack has become one of my most FAVORITE lines from Rusty Pickle. I have been using it for everything! Everything in this layout is from this one particular line!

And I have one more project that I made using this line! I love to make album covers! And if I'm making a special album for myself the first thing I create is the cover because the decides how I am going to make (design) the rest of the album. Here is an album cover that I made for some of my cruise photos.

And finally, i really don't want to end on a sad note, but I wanted to say Thank You to my friends who thought of me last week (or two weeks ago really). The house is quiet without Joey cat, Snoopy is a little lonely without his friend, and his family really misses him, but we are okay. And we all realize that Joey is okay too...he was a very speical kitty cat, and well, he really is going to be missed. And it really was sad that it happened on my birthday, but you know sometimes you just can't help when things happen and this was one of those times. I've started to print out all of my photos of Joey, and i'm putting them into a special book that is just for him....

I think that's it for now....