Monday, September 20, 2010

September 21, 2010..yeah it's tomorrow.

And it's my birthday. Supposed to be happy yeah, but it's sort of a sad day too. Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of Joey Cat going to Kitty Heaven. But it's also my birthday and there are CERTAIN people in my house (Simon) who want to do something for my birthday. SO, what are we gonig to do? We are going to Choctaw.

What is Choctaw? Choctaw is the name of the Casino in Durant, Oklahoma. Yes, I'm going to the Casino for my Birthday. So there we are doing something.

Then the next question I'm always asked year after year after year. What do you want for your birthday? Background story here, Simon and I met in 1991 so we have been together for TWENTY would think he would know what I want or simply know what I LIKE? No. SO i gave him a list...a new lense for my camera, a Cricut imagine, Money, a Wolverine Negative/Slide Scanner, stuff like that. But he still asks me what I we have come to the conclusion of what I need...Clothes. Yes, clothes. None of mine fit me, and I was told that I look FRUMPY! lol (thanks Margo for telling me the truth! and NO I'm not mad about you telling me the truth because it's the truth! and Simon agreed with you! lol).

So I'm going to the Casino to Gamble then I'm going to go Clothes Shopping.

BUT STILL THERE'S MORE! What do you want for dinner on your birthday? Uggghhh...the questions never stop do they! lol....Well a salad will do just fine for me because tomorrow is Tuesday and I don't eat anything heavy on Tuesday because on Wednesday i have to go to Weight Watchers. Now Wednesday? That's another story all together! lol...Give me Subway and I'll be happy, but no...we are going to go to Terra (Meditteranean)(YUM!)

So that's my Birthday, a day that is supposed to be mine but one that I shared with someone special last year...Joey Cat. You have to understand that Joey Cat and I were together for longer that I have been with my husband! And yes, I still miss my Joey Cat. Always will. So, if you see me this week or talk to me this week and I seem a little sad it's because I'm missing my Joey Cat...I really did love him....and yeah...he loved me.