Saturday, February 05, 2011

Here in Texas we do things a "little" bit different!

This is my neighborhood.

Snow covered.


Quiet. (except for the hum of the vacuum cleaner)

As everyone in the Country knows...well, since Super Bowl is "near" here this week, Dallas got snow.

It started on Monday, January 31st. I brought my daughter and her friend to school just like was going to be a BEAUTIFUL day, because well, it was a MONDAY! I knew the weather was going to go downhill fast, and was heading to the store for groceries to keep us fed for the next week. I didn't think the bad weather would actually hit us until Wednesday....I was so, SO wrong!

During the late hours of Monday Night and early hours of Tuesday Morning the ice came...and it hit us. I didn't think it was that bad, honestly. But there I sat on Tuesday morning waiting to see what the news was with school. I sat and sat and sat. And then I saw, Allen ISD is closed. Okay, I'll go back to bed, and that's what I did.

We watched the weather all day on Tuesday thining it couldn't get any worse. But you guessed it, it did. The roads were all iced over and nothing was moving...well, 18-wheelers were, but everything at my house? We were at a standstill. Noone in, Noone out. Fine, that's just one day right? I continued to watch the News to see what was happening...also checking into Facebook. And that is when I saw it. Allen ISD is closed. That meant two Snowdays in a Row (okay, Ice Days). We have NEVER, since Sarah has been in school (10th Grader here now) have had TWO Snow (Ice) Days in a ROW!

Wednesday Morning...guess what we woke up to. SNOW. Just a dusting. That's what they said we could expect. Yeah, dusting. I posted some pictures of the "dusting" that we got. Yeah...dusting.

To make a REALLY long story short...School has been closed since Monday. Every day at around 5:15 i'd get a phone call from the school or email, saying that school would be canceled the following day. We are up to FOUR right now. Wonder what's going to happen next week!

ALMOST forgot!

Here in Texas the teenagers are pretty resourceful! Or could it be the parents are, and had to figure a way out to entertain their teenage sons! I went out to take some photos of my snow covered yard the other day and saw some kids being taken for rides on a big raft and being pulled by an SUV. Then I saw the neighbor kids taking rides on another neighbors ATV.

Here are some pics!

I saw the Raft go down the street and secretly hoped it would be back quickly! I REALLY wanted to go for a ride! And I'd do it too!...But alas....they didn't come back. Wonder if I can talk Simon into go to the store for a raft and some rope...those would be some AWESOME pictures!

Does It Snow in Texas???

Okay, so every now in then I look at the box to the left to see who visits me, where they are from, and what they are searching for. One of the Topics I see most is, "Does it Snow in Texas?"

The Answer: Yes.

Proof is in the photos....