Thursday, December 07, 2006

SO MUCH going on!

Seriously! Not only is FiberScraps having a WONDERFUL contest! ( but there is also a scrapbooking garage sale this weekend in Richardson Texas. I'll be up there tomorrow getting things ready, and I have more stuff to bring! I'm selling all of my Quickutz Dies, and my Squeeze, my tag-a-long and my "Girls are Wierd" die set. And I'm thinking of selling my Zip-e-Mate too! (just have to get it out of the house without dh seeing it!)

About the "Picture of the Day" that I was doing, I really did have good intentions, but you know things happens and well, I have the pictures on my camera, it's just that I have to get them on here! And I would do it now, but this is going to be a quick entry!

If anyone is interested, I just listed an Auction on Ebay. What for this time? I'm going to sell the Maya Road Calendar that I made for the Maya Road Design Team Search. I'm not going to use it, so I thought about it last night and decided that I'm going to put it up for auction and let someone else enjoy it! Here are some pictures of the Calendar Album that I made. Blogger wouldn't let me put the pictures here, so they are up there somewhere! Oh, and there are 16 pictures total, and I could only post five here.

Gotta go for now, dinner needs to me made!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

FiberScraps Contest!!!!

Did You HEAR!!!! There's a FiberScraps Contest! Complete rules and contest information can be found at I'd like to encourage everyone to enter! The winning layouts will be displayed at CHA!

Monday, December 04, 2006

DFW Peas! Read this! Scrapbooking Garage Sale 11/9/06

I got this information off of 2 Peas in A Bucket ( (and yes, I'm participating!)

Magic Scraps is going to have one more of their infamous garage sales Friday, December 8th - Saturday, December 9th. Friday's hours will be from Noon - 6pm and Saturdays hours are 9am - 3pm. Cash and credit cards will be accepted.

This will probably be the BIG blow out and big stock clearing sale for Magic Scraps. There are incredible deals on cardstock, patterned papers, microbeads, tinsel (awesome for gift packaging - and just in time for holiday packages!) and every embellishment you can imagine. In addition to clearing out Magic Scraps inventory, Scrapbook University will also be clearing out much of their stock in addition to various local scrappers (and some who travel all the way from Austin to participate) clearing out their over stock and extra items.

At the last sale there were die cutting systems, dies (LOTS of Sizzix and QuicKutz), magazines, ribbons, chipboard, stamps and alterable items.

Now on to other news, yes I know I haven't posted my Picture of the Day for Saturday or Sunday, but I have them on my camera, as soon as I get dd back from her Choir Concert tonight I"m going to upload them...and plus I'll have today's picture too!

I still haven't been able to start my Christmas Journal, but I've printed out all the prompts so that I can get started this weekend when I'm scrapbooking! I've been really busy this past week! I surprised my husband with redoing our bathroom walls, now I just have to paint them!
I have a "to do" list of project also, but it's in the other room, I'll have to do that later too! But I did want to post the information about the Garage Sale!

Friday, December 01, 2006

Picture of the Day: 12/1/06

I've decided that for the Month of December I am going to try and take a picture a day. Good thing I remembered this tonight at 8:00. I thought to myself, "hey, I didn't take a picture!". "What am I going to take a picture of?" And it hit me. I was going to go to Starbucks and buy myself a coffee.

I used to have Starbucks all the time. That is, until I found out how many WW points there! (lol) So now I just have them every once in a while. And since it was cold tonight, and it was once in a while....okay, so I needed a picture too!...I told my daughter to get her jacket and get in the car because we were going to Starbucks! Oh, my daughter didn't mind because if I went to Starbucks that would most probably mean that I "might" get her something too. And well, since it was so cold outside I bought her a Peppermint Hot Chocolate.

I was also supposed to start my Christmas Journal today. I really am excited to start this class, but, well...I have all this other stuff that I have to finish this weekend. There is the bathroom that I'm redoing, the science fair project that is due on Tuesday (not mine, dd's!), and tomorrow my daughter and I are participating in a fun run. We have to be there at 7:30 a.m., uggh....I'd really like to sleep in! After all it's Saturday. But I told my daughter that we would do the Fun Run and then go out for a nice breakfast. Then it's back to work! I have to finish the bathroom by Sunday! I don't think I'm going to get to paint it. But the faux finish should be finished!

Oooh...back to the Starbucks, since it is my "Picture of the Day!" It was yummy! Nice and HOT! Yummy! I didn't tell you what it was...White Chocolate Mocha and of course I have to have the largest they serve....too bad they don't have a Jumbo!

Note to self, ask Starbuck's to make a Jumbo Size, Double Vente'

Until tomorrow with my Picture of the Day!