Saturday, October 09, 2010

Happy Saturday!

Okay, so yeah...I know I was going to post pictures of Sarah's Mum and stuff but the day has sort of gotten away from me.

It all started out fine. I woke up at 7:15, fed the cats, ate breakfast and made my grocery list. But I didn't leave the house until after 11:00 which is NOT what I wanted to do. I wanted to be out by 9:00. You see, I have something VERY important to do tonight! I'm going scrapbooking! And I CANNOT WAIT! only a few more hours, or minutes depending on when I want to leave.

I was trying to figure out what I wanted to work on and since I usually don't get very much done at crop I thought that i would organize my photos and work on cutting out some Cricut Images. I can use up a LOT of time doing that! So I'm HAPPY!

I've started to pack my car and only have a few more things to load. Okay...three. My Rolly Tote, my Toolbox and another bag that has my photos in it.

I think I'm just happy because I'm starting to get organized. And being organized can make a LOT of people happy!

So Tomorrow I will post pictures of Sarah's Mum. You should have SEEN some them they were HUGE! Some even had lights on them. And yes, even though they were huge all of them were beautiful!



Friday, October 08, 2010

These are a few of my favorite....

Scrapbook Pages!

I was going through my computer files and came across some of my favorite Scrapbook Pages.

I'm leaving in about an hour and a half for the Homecoming Football Game (Volunteering) so tomorrow I'm going to be posting pictures of my daughter with her mum!

It's going to be a fun night!

Have a Great Night!


Thursday, October 07, 2010

And the Countdown Begins!

I just finished watching "Grey's Anatomy" and said I better come and do my blog post for the night. But before I came here to do that I always look over my email to see what's gong on...if anything. I opened up my email and began to browse at them and then I came to the email that said:

50 Day Countdown to Black Friday!!!

I have 50 Days!

Okay, so I'm not a Big Black Friday shopper anymore. Sarah is now 15 1/2 and I don't need to stand in line at Toy's R Us anymore. What she wants is at Sephora, or Buckle, or Victoria's Secret. And Simon, well he and I discuss what he wants anyway and what he wants you can get whenever you go to the Mall. Let's see...who is the most important person to shop for on Black Friday?


Yes, me.

But forget about Black Friday. The store that I want to go to is open on Thanksgiving Day. I've gone every year for the last three years and I've been the first one in line too. What store could have things that I want? Micheal's of course!

I go to Michael's at least three time a week. I have coupons in hand and I have my credit card. But I don't usually buy a thing. Usually I just go and look around, see if there is anything new...okay I go to get out of the house! BUT! On Thanksgiving Day they have SUPER SPECIALS! What are they? I can't tell you because if I did you might want to buy them and not leave any for me! (lol) Okay, Okay. Cricut Cartridges and Storage. Now I'm not sure that these are even going to be on special, but they have the past three years and if they are that is what I am going to buy.

It's 50 Days from Today!

amd tomorrow it's 49. It's going to be here before you know it!

Have a Great Day!


Wednesday, October 06, 2010

It only took a few hours....

Let's start off with a photo for some entertainment!

Okay so I'm a scrapbooker and I should be use to this. I just spent about four hours uploading, editing and ordering photos.

This year for my albums I'm doing something different. Well not totally different. I use to do this a long time ago when I first started to scrapbook. What is it? Going Chronological. Yikes...sounds scary. After years of jumping around in my books and just letting my choices wander I've decided to go back to Chronological Scrapbooking.

Oh it get's worse....

I can't go back and work on previous years until I am all caught up with the present year.

So I guess I should admit the truth here...I am seven years behind. How can anyoen who scrapbooks as much as I do be seven years behind you may wonder. It's's called Design Teams. I put so much work and emphasis on Design Team Work and getting published and entering contests that I sort of neglected my scrapbooking. I've been digging myself into a hole and I finally decided one day to try and get myself out. So that brings me to today....

While I was at Creative Escape one of the teachers, Maggie Holmes, told us to go home and do something that we have been putting off. I didn't have to think very long...I KNEW what I had been putting off. My pictures. They are a mess, and I admit that. So today I decided that I was going to start to do something about it.

I have gone through all of my 2010 Photos to date (all 1,091 of them to date) copied them off of Picasa, safely stored them in "several" places and ordered 360 photos that had not been printed off yet. And this weekend I am going to start to get my scrapbooking life in order.


Now about that photo that's above...yes that's my Scrapbook Room. and I will admit that's it's that messy on purpose! A few years ago a local radio station was having a contest for the Messiest Room and i decided to enter. So...I trashed my scrapbook room! Trust me! It's REALLY NOT like that!

Oh, and I didn't win...yes, there was a room that was messier than mine! Can you BELIEVE that!

Have a great night!


Tuesday, October 05, 2010

List of Blogs!

Finally found a few minutes tonight to copy the blog list for those that are participating in the "31 Days of October Blog Challenge". Here they are!



Sherri: Blog:





Have a Great Night!


And Now a Word from Our Sponsor....

Okay, it's not our sponsor it's my husband! (well, it's close to a sponsor right?). If you have a few minutes to answer a few questions for my hubby it would be greatly appreciated! And if enough of y'all do it maybe he'll let me go on the next Tim Holtz Cruise which is next September!


Just click and follow the link or copy and paste!

Monday, October 04, 2010

Just Another Manic Monday.....

No, not really. Actually today has been pretty calm "so far". Who am I kidding! It's 8:49 p.m. and I'm going to bed soon, so yeah it's been a pretty MELLOW Day!

I usually get up at 5:00 a.m. to get Sarah up for school, but somehow today my alarm went off and I shut it off and woke up at 5:36 a.m. Jumped out of bed, woke Sarah up, made her her breakfast and the went and laid on the couch until she left for school. Simon asked me if I wanted some coffee and I said, "No, not now...maybe in a few minutes". Good thing cause it wasn't made yet.

The rest of my day included a three hour nap, going to Subway for the Sub of the Day Special (Five Points on Weight Watchers can't beat that!), pickin up Sarah and her friend from school, buying cat food, going to Market Street, cooking dinner, dropping Sarah off at Band Practice, going home to see Simon for five minutes, going to Walmart, going back to pick Sarah and her friend up from Band Practice and coming home. And here I my jammies and getting ready to go to bed, but only after I surf the web and play a few games on facebook.

But before I go I thought I'd post some more photos from yesterday's visit to The State Fair of Texas.

This is Sarah and Simon enjoying their Corny Dog...

Sarah sitting in the Driver's Seat of the Car that she "THINKS" she's getting for her 16th Birthday...see I said she "THINKS!"

I had to take a Picture of Sarah after she got out of the "Fried Cookie Dough" line. She was SO upset and sad because they had ran out right before she go to the counter.

But then there was happiness again because she found "Fried Cheesecake". I should have taken a picture of her when her dad starting eating the Cheesecake with her. She thought it was only hers....oh well, not in this house.

Until Tomorrow's Adventure...that is if I feel like an adventure. Sometimes I just want to stay at home!


Sunday, October 03, 2010

State Fair of Texas!

It happens every year. I know it's going to happy. I don't really enjoy going, but I know everyone else wants to go. It was time for the Cornelius Family to go to the State Fair of Texas. We just decided yesterday that we were going to go today. Well the truth is, it was either go today or wait until next week and I made the "executive" decision to go today. (that way it would be over with! lol)

Whenever we go the the State Fair we each one of us gets to choose one thing that we REALLY want to do. Simon usually wants to go to the Vita-Mix booth. Sarah usually want to play games. And me? well I just really want to stay home, but since that wasn't going to happen I chose to have a Corny Dog this time.

First stop: Vita-Mix. Yes, every year we go to this booth. Every year we hear thier sales pitch. Every year we take down recipes so that we can use our machine at home more. So that's what we did. Usually Simon brings some paper and a pen to write down the recipes. This year before we left the house I told sarah, "daddy forgot the paper and pen, that means we don't have to write down the recipes". I thought i was in for the clear! But, was I? No. You see...I forgot that he had his phone. And he not only typed them into his phone but he ALSO sent them to me so that I would have them. Note for next year: Leave the phones at home.

Second stop: Sarah's stop. Okay so usually she wants to play games or ride some rides or something that you know teenagers want to do. Well I once again forgot that there is something that Sarah REALLY likes to do. What's that you may ask? Shop. Yes, she wanted to shop at the State Fair. So she did. I followed her around to make sure that she had enough money and to make sure that I knew what she was buying. I don't like surprises when she comes back from shopping, know what I mean?

MY TURN! Corn Dogs. After everyone else was done making there chosen stops I got to have mine! CORNY DOGS for EVERYONE! Plus I had all the coupons for the Corn Dogs so that I had to go with me if they wanted one. Note for next year: make sure that I keep ALL the coupons again!

So everyone got to do what they wanted to at the State Fair. Simon and Sarah also went to see the Car Show, I sat outside and read a book, we walked around a lot! Sarah had Corn Nuggest, Simon had a Gyro and I had my Corn Dog.

There was just one thing that we didn't do at the Fair. We DIDN'T ride a single ride. Looks like I might be heading back someday so that i can ride some rides! Oh well...there's alwasy next year!


Friday, October 01, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things!

(Just noticed that the date still says Friday, October 1. But here in Texas it's October 2)

No this isn't Julie Andrews singing in the "Sound of Music". It's me, and it's October 2nd...or what I will call Day Two of the 31 Days of October Blog Challenge. But I have to be honest here! It's just past midnight. Okay it's 12:51 a.m. on Saturday Morning so it's either Friday Night or Saturday Morning...depending on how you look at it!

Today I thought I'd post a list of my FAVORITE things! (not too many I promise because I want to go to bed!)

So here goes:

Favorite Pizza: Mushroom. yes, Mushroom. But we NEVER order what I want. You know how it goes don't you? You go to a restaurant with your family and everyone else gets what THEY want! I rarely get the kind of pizza that I like and if I did it would be Mushroom! YUMMMMM!!!

Favorite Soda: Diet Dr. Pepper. I live in Texas afterall! And no. I've never been to the Dr. Pepper Museum in Waco...but I want too!

Favorite Candy Number #1: Reese's Peanut Buter Cups. And I pop the whole thing in my mouth!

Favorite Candy Number #2: Cherry Lifesavers. And I have a HUGE Stash of them. I have to hide them on my daughter though.

Favorite Hobby: you know me? Scrapbooking!

Favorite Color: Pink of Course! But I was told the other day that you can't wear pink unless you are under the age of 18. I have to argue with this though.

Favorite TV Show: Okay, I have several. I like Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Biggest Loser and yes, I have been know to watch Hell's Kitchen. I LOVE Chef Ramsey.

Favorite Movie/Book: Twilight of course! Team Edward. And yes, I go to the movie on Opening Night. I'm one of those Twilight Mom's who get there three hours before the movie starts to get my seat. And I've gone by myself to two of the three movies.

I think that's all for now. Like I said (or maybe didn't say?), I just got home from a Football Game and it's now 1:00 a.m. It's time to go to bed and get some rest before tomorrow's activity. Marching Competition Number One! Should be a fun day spent with the Color Guard!

Have a great day (or night?)


YES!!! It's October!

So HAPPY that's it's October! Yes, REALLY happy!


Well, lot's of stuff goes on in September and it's not a very happy month for me so I'm glad that it's gone!

What's so great about October? Hmmm...lots of stuff! The weather is Changing! Which means i can open my windows (just a little bit!). Halloween is coming and I LOVE HALLOWEEN! It's just that it's Fall! And it's one of my favorite times of the year!

SO GOODBYE September and HELLO October!

Another GREAT thing about October is that I've joined a Blog Challenge! Yes, me. The one who does't Blog for a long time and then comes back for only a bit, and then leaves again. I decided to join the Blog Challenge from Scrapbook Doodle ( A lot of the ladies there are going ot be participating so tomorrow (this afternoon? or tonite?) I'll get links of those participating and post them here.

I thought that by participating in this Challenge it would get me back to doing things that I love to do. Like Scrapbooking? YES! I'm not quite sure what each day is going to bring but at least I will be making an effort to add a little bit more creativity to my day! It might be a picture, or a project, or quote, a recipe or even a link to something that I saw that I liked. But I'm going to be post EVERY day!

So what's today going to bring?

Hmmm...How about a Quote!

Here goes!!!

"Never Walk Away From an Unexpected Adventure"

I overhead this quote from a show that was on TV a few years ago. The Show was called "October Road" (Title of that show fits this month don't you think?). Anyway, the Mother of the lead actor told him this when he was young and it sort of stuck with him. And when I heard this quote I found my little notebook and immediately wrote it down. I have it on my Facebook Page I have it on a little Curio Box that I made in a Tim Holtz Class and I have it here. Maybe I should do another project with the Quote and hang it in my scrapbook room. But the thing is, I really do LOVE this quote. It's one that I think about a lot, and it's the one quote that I thought of when I went to the Grand Canyon all by myself and walked on the Skywalk. We all should NEVER walk away from Unexpected Adventures!

And that is what October is Going to be to me. An Unexpected Adventure! I think it's going to be a fun one!