Tuesday, October 05, 2010

List of Blogs!

Finally found a few minutes tonight to copy the blog list for those that are participating in the "31 Days of October Blog Challenge". Here they are!

Karen: http://www.thelopezlife.typepad.com

Tricia: http://momentstosharewithme.blogspot.com/

Sherri: Blog: http://myordinarylifemorrisway.blogspot.com/

Christina: http://www.christinachrushch.typepad.com/

Jodi: http://scrapsofpaperinthedesert.blogspot.com/

Janice: http://janice-lifeandtimesofme.blogspot.com/

Alecia: http://scrapmepink.blogspot.com/

Have a Great Night!


1 comment:

Janice said...

Jill... this is going to be part of my post tomorrow!! Thanks for the reminder! :D

Hope you had a great day!