Wednesday, October 06, 2010

It only took a few hours....

Let's start off with a photo for some entertainment!

Okay so I'm a scrapbooker and I should be use to this. I just spent about four hours uploading, editing and ordering photos.

This year for my albums I'm doing something different. Well not totally different. I use to do this a long time ago when I first started to scrapbook. What is it? Going Chronological. Yikes...sounds scary. After years of jumping around in my books and just letting my choices wander I've decided to go back to Chronological Scrapbooking.

Oh it get's worse....

I can't go back and work on previous years until I am all caught up with the present year.

So I guess I should admit the truth here...I am seven years behind. How can anyoen who scrapbooks as much as I do be seven years behind you may wonder. It's's called Design Teams. I put so much work and emphasis on Design Team Work and getting published and entering contests that I sort of neglected my scrapbooking. I've been digging myself into a hole and I finally decided one day to try and get myself out. So that brings me to today....

While I was at Creative Escape one of the teachers, Maggie Holmes, told us to go home and do something that we have been putting off. I didn't have to think very long...I KNEW what I had been putting off. My pictures. They are a mess, and I admit that. So today I decided that I was going to start to do something about it.

I have gone through all of my 2010 Photos to date (all 1,091 of them to date) copied them off of Picasa, safely stored them in "several" places and ordered 360 photos that had not been printed off yet. And this weekend I am going to start to get my scrapbooking life in order.


Now about that photo that's above...yes that's my Scrapbook Room. and I will admit that's it's that messy on purpose! A few years ago a local radio station was having a contest for the Messiest Room and i decided to enter. So...I trashed my scrapbook room! Trust me! It's REALLY NOT like that!

Oh, and I didn't win...yes, there was a room that was messier than mine! Can you BELIEVE that!

Have a great night!



Tricia said...

Jill good luck on getting caught up. My scrapbook room is messy too but I have been trying to purge and re-organize.

Sherri said...

I have always scrapped in chornological order and I am a year or two behind. I don't think we could be completely unless we scrap what we did the day before!