Sunday, October 03, 2010

State Fair of Texas!

It happens every year. I know it's going to happy. I don't really enjoy going, but I know everyone else wants to go. It was time for the Cornelius Family to go to the State Fair of Texas. We just decided yesterday that we were going to go today. Well the truth is, it was either go today or wait until next week and I made the "executive" decision to go today. (that way it would be over with! lol)

Whenever we go the the State Fair we each one of us gets to choose one thing that we REALLY want to do. Simon usually wants to go to the Vita-Mix booth. Sarah usually want to play games. And me? well I just really want to stay home, but since that wasn't going to happen I chose to have a Corny Dog this time.

First stop: Vita-Mix. Yes, every year we go to this booth. Every year we hear thier sales pitch. Every year we take down recipes so that we can use our machine at home more. So that's what we did. Usually Simon brings some paper and a pen to write down the recipes. This year before we left the house I told sarah, "daddy forgot the paper and pen, that means we don't have to write down the recipes". I thought i was in for the clear! But, was I? No. You see...I forgot that he had his phone. And he not only typed them into his phone but he ALSO sent them to me so that I would have them. Note for next year: Leave the phones at home.

Second stop: Sarah's stop. Okay so usually she wants to play games or ride some rides or something that you know teenagers want to do. Well I once again forgot that there is something that Sarah REALLY likes to do. What's that you may ask? Shop. Yes, she wanted to shop at the State Fair. So she did. I followed her around to make sure that she had enough money and to make sure that I knew what she was buying. I don't like surprises when she comes back from shopping, know what I mean?

MY TURN! Corn Dogs. After everyone else was done making there chosen stops I got to have mine! CORNY DOGS for EVERYONE! Plus I had all the coupons for the Corn Dogs so that I had to go with me if they wanted one. Note for next year: make sure that I keep ALL the coupons again!

So everyone got to do what they wanted to at the State Fair. Simon and Sarah also went to see the Car Show, I sat outside and read a book, we walked around a lot! Sarah had Corn Nuggest, Simon had a Gyro and I had my Corn Dog.

There was just one thing that we didn't do at the Fair. We DIDN'T ride a single ride. Looks like I might be heading back someday so that i can ride some rides! Oh well...there's alwasy next year!



Tricia said...

I love the fair but we hardly ever go any more. BLake SHelton is going to be at the AZ fair this year and me and my sister want to go se him!

Janice said...

Fair's are so fun!! I love the one in my home town!!
Glad you have so much fun!

Karen said...

Sounds like fun. The AZ state fair is this month too. Haven't been since I was in high school.

Christina said...

Oh how I love a good corn dog - yum - with lots of mustard for dipping. Now I am hungry!!!!!