Thursday, August 31, 2017


Yes...there I said it "Merry". 

I know, I know it's still August and everything Christmas is coming out earlier and earlier every year. 

Including December Daily Albums, Yearly Christmas Albums and so forth...

But I NEEDED to get this album posted today!  

Why today?  

Well, mainly because the paper that I used for my album is from Kiwi Lanes and it's in the Last Chance section of the store...and I wanted to give you all a chance to be able to purchase some before it's gone, gone, gone, forever! (I'll list the products I used in my store to the bottom of the post) 

Now, what you need to realize is that my album is not yet completed.  It's "nearly" there, but I have Oh so much more to do!  I don't particularly like the ribbons Iused, so I want to change all of that to sheer green polka dot ribbon and some sheer blue polka dot ribbon, and one other color which I need to decide on.  Also, I need to decorate the tabs of the album itself.  They look a bit naked and need some I need to do that.  And I need to add MORE gemstones...but like I said, it's "nearly" there! 

Here's the album: (just remember, it's NOT completely done....but "nearly" there!  :-) 

As you can see throughout the album I used the Scallop Template (A1).  I wanted each page to have something in common.  And since the Scallop is one of my most favorite templates I decided to use that one! 

I also used the Merry and Bright Layout Kit from Kiwi Lane Designs.  It's Nice and Bright and Fun!  I think I used at least four packaged of this paper...the multicolored dotted paper that I used for photo mats if from Coordinations and was purchased at Joanns. 

So...what other templates from Kiwi Lane Designs did I use? Here's a list with links to the store: 

Kiwi Lane Designer Template: Scallops No. 1A
Kiwi Lane Designer Template:  Large Bracket No. 1
Kiwi Lane Designer Template:  Tiny Holiday No. 8T
Kiwi Lane Designer Template:  Tiny Holiday No. 1T
Kiwi Lane Designer Template:  Tiny Holiday No. 3T
Kiwi Lane Designer Template:  Winter  No. 2
Kiwi Lane Designs Paper:  Merry and Bright Layout Kit (I used SEVERAL of these kits)

Now....if you'd like to use the same paper that I used to make an album, you REALLY should order some Layout Kits asap!  The Layout Kits are in the "Last Chance Section" of the store...which means when they are gone...they're gone!

For the Month of September All outside orders (Templates, Paper, etc) for my website need to be
placed through the following link:

Here's a link to the "Last Chance" section!  And when you're ready to place an order all you need to do is go to my Website: or  then you create an account, and make your selections.  All orders over $35.00 receive Free Shipping!  Which is a plus for me since I used probably 4-5 of the Merry and Bright Layout Kits....

Friday, August 25, 2017

Home Sweet Home!

Sorry for my delay in posting my second August project for My Scrap Chick.  You know how life gets in the way, and you totally forget things, because you're doing other things?  Well, that happened to me.

I worked on my project for several days (yes, days....) and I had to keep re-doing things.  Why? Well, I didn't like the colors I was using.  I started my project by making a pink house, with a brown roof. But then I ran out of brown paper so had to re-think the entire project.  Then I remembered a conversation I had with someone...the question was:

 "What types of project do you like to make with SVG's?"

I had to think.  Of course I like to make cute projects, projects that I can use in my own home.  And I started to think about the current project that I was working on, and I decided that I wanted to make this project for myself, and I wanted to display it in my house.  In order to do this, I needed to change the colors and I KNEW exactly what color I needed to use!


Well, the color i need to match was a more toned down

So I "re-built" my house! lol 

And wouldn't you know, with changing the colors of my house, and adding some clouds, a tree, and the title, the project turned out just as I had hoped. 

And I can't wait to display my project in my entryway!
Doll Houses, Happy Tree Forest, and believe it or not....Happy Tree Forest!  Yes....I used a St. Patrick's Day SVG file. I NEEDED the clouds! 

Here's a close-up of my re-built house

Friday, August 11, 2017

Happy First Day of School!

For some families, August means that the end of Summer is coming and the beginning of the School year is approaching (fast!)

My only daughter graduated High School in 2013.  But I remember the first days of school!  All of those things you had to do to get ready. 

First you had to make sure that your First Day of School outfil was pretty!  Which also meant that you had to go shopping, which ALSO meant for me...hours at the Mall. 

Did you pack or buy your lunch?  On the first Day of School I always let my daughter buy her lunch if she wanted to.  Remember there are NO Leftovers on the Lunch Menu for the First Day of School. 

First Day of School Photos?  Those were always taken near the big tree in our front yard.  As a matter of fact ALL special photos were taken near the big tree, unless it was raining. If it was raining then the photos were taken inside the house near the front door. 

CONFESSION TIME: I actually have a photo of my daughter on her last day of High School holding a photo of herself on her first day of Kindergarten....i get teary thinking of that day.  This is what happens when you only have one...


The First Day of School isn't only special for the Kids.  But it's also special for the Teachers. So why not make your child's teacher a little goodie to remember the First Day of School! 

For this month's first project I decided to make the Little School Box from My Scrap Chick.  It was quick and easy to make, and it's a BOX so that you can put anything in it! (Candy would be good! Teacher's like candy!) 

Now i can't promise that this will make your child the Teacher's Pet, but at least they will probably both have a REALLY good First Day of School! 

Here's a link to the file:  Little School House

Have a Great First Day of School!