Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Sharing a Pretty Little Project!

I realized yesterday after I finished my post about making the Design Team at Scrappin' Goodtime that I didn't post my project that I submitted.  So, I thought I'd come back today and do that.  I'd love to write more, but I have some Christmas Tags that I need to make (Special Order) and I really want to get them finished (started?)

For my Project I used a Melissa Frances Glass Globe.  The Base is covered in Blue Glass Glitter (also from Melissa Frances.  For the Pedestal I used the Tim Holtz Rosette Die, but didn't make a "complete" Rosette.  I just used it to make the stand.  The Blue Glitter Paper was inked, and each fold of the stand was also inked (I likes Chestnut Roan and use it on EVERYTHING!)  The Bottle Brush tree is from Tim Holtz, and the blue "Ornaments" are actually Crop-a-dile Punches that i made.  Each "ornament" has also been inked.  The Star on top of the Tree is a Star Stick Pin from Maya Road that I added color to.  The Top of the Globe was coated with Mod Podge. I then glittered it, and after it was dry i applied another coat of Mod Podge.  A Ribbon was added because I thought it NEEDED a bow!  Just like a present! :0)  The Glitter Trim on the bottom of the Globe is also from Melissa Frances.  And there is a hidden feature added to the Globe.  The Base of the Globe (the underneath) is actually a pullout album that you can add photos to.  I LOVED making this little ornament! and Since the Bottle Brush Trees come in a pack of Two (one big, one small and a wreath) I have another tree so I can make a BIGGER one for me!

Don't Forget about the Holiday Open House This Weeked 
at Scrappin' Goodtime!  

Open House
Saturday, the 14th
10am - 4 pm

Join us for a fabulous day of make and takes with our Design Team!  We will have three sessions: 10-12, noon-2, and 2-4. Complete at least THREE and you will receive $5 off $25 dollar purchase.  Complete ALL  make and takes, and be entered into a drawing for the really adorable Mini Christmas Tree kit by Doodlebug.
Some of the makes and takes will have a small fee ($1-$2).

We will have Delicious treats, surprise gifts and discounts as you walk in the door
(while supplies last).
Promises to be a day of merriment, so come spend it with us!

I mailed my box of Make and Takes to the store today.  There are only 24!  So if you would like to be able to make one of mine, and you are local (or close to local) make sure you stop by the store on Saturday.  I'm going to post a photo of my Make and Take tomorrow. 

Have a Great Night! 


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

When One Door Closes....

You know that saying don't you?

When One Door Closes another Opens.

It might take a little while FOR that door to open, but with patience it does happen!

You would think that I would have learned that by now! lol

So what is this door? 

Yes, I made a Design Team!

I am now a member of the Scrappin' Goodtime Design Team.  Scrappin' Goodtime, located in Corsicana, Texas isn't your "Ordinary" Scrapbook Store!  At this particular store you can Shop, Crop and Drop!  I LOVE that saying!  Actually "Drop" means that you can stay the night!  HOW?  The owner, Susie has an extention on the store and has a Retreat Area!   I LOVE this place!  (and I need to schedule my next retreat!)

I guess you could say that I took a few years off.  Rusty Pickle was my last Design Team that I was on...I tried, and tried, and well you know that saying about the door right?  It just takes the right door to open!

Just wanted to share my news AND share one of my first projects that I completed for Scrappin' Goodtime!

 ALSO, this weekend at Scrappin' Goodtime Susie is having an Christmas Open House.  The Open House is on Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Here's the info in case you are in the area!

Open House
Saturday, the 14th
10am - 4 pm

Join us for a fabulous day of make and takes with our Design Team!  We will have three sessions: 10-12, noon-2, and 2-4. Complete at least THREE and you will receive $5 off $25 dollar purchase.  Complete ALL  make and takes, and be entered into a drawing for the really adorable Mini Christmas Tree kit by Doodlebug.
Some of the makes and takes will have a small fee ($1-$2).

We will have Delicious treats, surprise gifts and discounts as you walk in the door
(while supplies last).
Promises to be a day of merriment, so come spend it with us!

Now, you know I REALLY want to be at this Open House, but due to circumstances beyond my control (cough, cough, Football PlayoffGame cough, cough)  won't be able to attend.  BUT, I do have a Make and Take that will be available during the open house.  I'm really sad that I can't be there, and I planned on being there, but we were just informed that the Playoff Game was on Saturday at 2:00 p.m.  And since I live in Allen, the Open House is in Corsicana, and the game is in Mesquite, added in with my husband and I having to share a car on Saturday...I really didn't have much choice.  

To those that are attending the Open House!  I hope you like my little kit!  (I might post a picture of it tomorrow!) 

Have a GREAT night! 


Thursday, August 15, 2013

So I didn't make the team...

As a lot of my friends know, last month I submitted for the Kiwi Lane Design Team.  I just received notification today that I did not make it.

Am I sad.

Of course I am.

It was the first team that I really wanted to be on since my time with Rusty Pickle.  (LOVED Rusty Pickle).

Will I get over it?

In time....

So...since it's over I'm going to post my final two submissions. 

The first is a banner.  "Happy Day".  I've seen a lot of banners saying Happy Valentines Day, Happy Birthday, etc...but never just a Happy Day one.  So I made one.  Everything on this banner (EVERYTHING) was cut from Kiwi Lane Templates.

My final project was a Purse.

Yes, a purse.

I thought what would no other person make with a Kiwi Lane Template other than a purse.

So I had some fabric and I got out my Scallop template and I traced, and traced and traced. And then I traced some more.

I even made a flower with the Scallop template, and then put a piece of bling in the center.  I do have to say that this purse is even prettier in person!

So those are my final two submissions.  We had to submit five total and the other three have already been posted on my blog.

I think I'm going to take the day off and maybe go get some ice cream or something to cheer me up...cause to tell you the truth...I'm sad.


Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Because I care enough to send the VERY Best!

Isn't that the saying for when you want to send a REALLY nice card to someone?

Or is that Baking?

I'm not

What I am sure of is that I LOVE to make cards.  love. Love. LOVE.  to make cards.

So today I thought I would come online and share three cards that I made recently.  I hope you like them.  And after I post my cards I am going to make a confession that I have about cards....

Now you want to know what my "Confession" is?

You might think it's kind of funny...and you may share it too.


I don't send out the cards I make.

And that's the truth.

Why?  Simple.  Because I'm afraid that the sender will throw them away.  I don't know if they would keep it like me.  Safe in a pile in my Craft room.  I mean I put all that work into creating a card and I really don't want to mail it to someone and have it end up in the circular filing cabinet. 

So I keep them.

There.  I feel SO much better now that I have made that confession!

Have a great day! 


Sunday, August 11, 2013

Hope you are having a "Happy" Sunday!

Now I usually don't begin posts with the word "Happy", because well, usually it's late in the day or even night when I begin a post. But I decided to change things up a bit just for today!

I am Happy!

It's Sunday and I slept in (if you count sleeping until 8:00 a.m. sleeping in)
My cat came in to wish me a good morning, plopped himself down beside me and just began to purr his head off.
My husband is in a GOOD mood and actually cleaned up some piles of stuff that he had laying around in the kitchen.
My daughter is in a really good mood and is hanging out with friends today which I am more than happy for her to do!
My car has gas.
Dh's car as gas.

And here's the best thing of all.  ALL of my grocery shopping is done and it's only 3:38 p.m. 

I went to four different stores today.  Usually I only go to two stores to purchase the things that we need.  But I decided to add Target to my stops and I began the day with a trip to Sprouts to find the bread that we like and of course Kettlecorn! (which my daughter has yet to find!)

So see it's really the small things that make me Happy!

But since all of my grocery and household shopping is done for the week that leaves me more time to do what I love!  Clean?  NO! lol


Lots of things to make this time of year!  Christmas Cards, Craft Show items, Projects for me.  Thinking of making a purse to bring to a wedding that I am going to.  REALLY thinking of that last one, just need to find some fabric to match my dress and shoes which are both Black. (or I could go with something really pretty! like Fuschia). 

So lots of things going on, happening and being planned. 

See I have a reason to be Happy! 

I also thought that I would share a layout that makes me Happy to just look at.  Perhaps it will bring a Smile to your face too!

Have a Happy Day!

Sunday, August 04, 2013

So I finished a layout...

Last weekend I went to a crop in the next town over from where I live. 

I met some friends there and we worked throughout the weekend.

While I was there I worked on a layout and this one lady kept coming over to check on my progress.  I thought it was strange of her to keep coming over and check to see how I was doing.  She didn't come over just once...I mean she came over a lot! lol

Once she came to see me to visit.
Once she came to see what I was working on.
Once she came to see how I was doing on the project.
Once she came to see if I had changed the layout at all.
Once she came over to see if I had finished it yet.
Once she came to see if I had changed it yet again.
Once she came to tell me what she would do.
Once she came to see if I had changed said project to the way that she wanted me to do it.
Once she came to tell me that she thought that it would look better a different way.

And it went on. And on. And on.

But she kept coming back. 

Until...she finally told me the truth.  She didn't like my layout.  She didn't like the paper I was using.  She didn't like the way that I was designing it.

Seriously?  Did this happen?

Yes.  And I have witnesses! lol

My friends could not believe that I would just sit there and let this lady talk to me the way the way that she was talking.

And then finally I had to say something.  I had to let her know that this wasn't her project and that I wouldn't be scrapbooking in the way that I liked to scrapbook if I had done it her way.

Basically I just looked at her and said,  It's my project not yours. 

So.  Since she was so straight forward with me about NOT liking my project I thought I'd post it on my blog.  Because, well...I LOVE the way that it turned out! 


And it's exactly the way that I want it, with the right papers AND The right colors.  And most's done! :0)

Have a GREAT night!



Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Putting Yourself Out There.

Two weeks ago I decided that it was time to put myself out into the submitting world again.  I found a company whose products I love and they put a call out for new Design Team Members.

The last team I was on was Rusty Pickle.  It's been awhile since RP Closed their doors and I thought to I really want to put myself out there to be judged on how well I can create something?  I mean, It's really been a LOOOONNNG Time.  But the answer was a simple one.

The answer was Yes.

I really want to share my layouts/projects with the world.  But I don't know if I am allowed yet.  I think I might have to wait until the call is closed, which is tomorrow.  Just to keep myself  "safe", I think I might wait until they have made their decision.  That way I won't jeopardize any "possible" chance that I may have.

I'm not one of those scrapbookers who submits to every single Design Team call.  I have to really like a company AND more importantly I have to LOVE their product!  I think it's important for someone to love the materials that they are working with. And I do...I really, do!

So...what is the company? 

I guess I can tell you that.

It's Kiwi Lane. 

Kiwi Lane makes these fun (really fun) Design Templates that you can use to help create really BEAUTIFUL layouts!  There are SO many templates that each time you use one it can be used differently.  Or the same, if you really like it. 

But you know I could go on and on and try and explain how they work...or I could send you directly to their website where they explain it all!  (

Now I do have to be honest here.  It did take me awhile to make my very first purchase from Kiwi Lane.  I first discovered them at The Great American Scrapbook Convention in Arlington, Texas three years ago.  The convention is three days long.  And took me two of those days and three trips to their booth before I made my first purchase of Designer Templates.  And well, if the truth is supposed to be told...I actually made my second purchase of the templates on the third day.  Now whenever I go to a Convention and I know that they have a booth there I make it a point to go by and see what new items they have!

Hope I can share my projects with you soon!

Until then!



Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I Think I just "MIGHT" be the Crazy Cat Lady...

Everyone has heard the story of the Lady who lives down the street.

She's the crazy one, that has SO many cats.

She likes to spend time with her cats.

She talk to her cats.

She sings to her cats.

She dresses in the same color as her cats.

She lets her cats sit in a chair next to the table while she is eating breakfast (HA!)  Shhhh....we know the truth...the cat is MORE than likely to be sitting ON the table with his face so close to the cereal bowl that you would think HE was eating and NOT the Lady.

She takes the cat(s) for car rides.

Does this sound familiar to anyone but me? 

I think I might actually the Crazy Cat Lady.

I mean...I even plan my scrapbook pages around my cats. Yes, I admit that I have actually put a chair in a position in front of a wall and had my cat sit on the chair and wait for that PERFECT picture.

Don't believe me? 

Here's proof!

See.  I really am the Crazy Cat Lady.

Have a GREAT Night!


Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I was going through some things on my computer this past week, you know trying to clean things up a bit and came across some layouts that I did that I love!  So...I thought I'd share those.

Hmmm...they are "almost" all of my daughter! (lol)

I know I have "some" cat pages around here somewhere! Maybe I'll share those tomorrow! :0)

Right now I'm working on some "Special" projects.  I've decided that it was time for me to throw my hat into a Design Team Competition. I haven't been on a Design Team since Rusty Pickle and since it's been a few years from my participation on that one, I thought "'s time".  But what's really nice is that this company that is looking for the New Designers is a company that I absolutely LOVE!  They are "relatively" new, just a few years old! 

One of the requirements for my application is that I have to submit Five different projects.  I don't know if we are allowed to share our projects with anyone online yet, so I have to keep them secret until I find that out (I have to finish them first! lol).  But as soon as I am able to I will post them! 

Now...I guess I better get back to work on my "projects".  I really do LOVE how they are turning out! :0)

Have a GREAT day!


P.S.  Mom..I updated my blog!


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

WOW! That was a LONG six months!

I have been getting a lot of reminders in my email about my blog.  People commenting and commenting and commenting.  I finally decided today that I needed to come and "DELETE" those comments. 


Mainly because I decided that if people wanted to buy Xanax they knew how and where and didn't need help from my blog.  Also, that if people wanted to buy a Bowflex they knew that there were info-mercials for those and said info-mercials provided a LOT of information on how to buy one of those.  AND if people wanted to lose weight they would know how to call their nearest weight loss center. Those are only three examples of what I deleted.  There were some "comments" advertising for MUCH worse things...I knew that if anyone out there in BlogWorld wanted info for any of thse items that they were smart and really didn't need to get the information from my Blog. Right?

Where have I been?

Well sometimes I wonder that too.

I've been helping my dh with his real estate properties, I've been helping my daughter with her Senior Year activities at school, and I've been trying to get my act together (which is harder that you would think).

But now things have calmed down a bit.  The houses are rented and sold, and the Senior has graduated from high school. And me?  I'm still trying to get my act together.

But one this for sure...I do not have any more x-rated comments on my blog!

Have a Good Day!