Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Putting Yourself Out There.

Two weeks ago I decided that it was time to put myself out into the submitting world again.  I found a company whose products I love and they put a call out for new Design Team Members.

The last team I was on was Rusty Pickle.  It's been awhile since RP Closed their doors and I thought to myself...do I really want to put myself out there to be judged on how well I can create something?  I mean, It's really been a LOOOONNNG Time.  But the answer was a simple one.

The answer was Yes.

I really want to share my layouts/projects with the world.  But I don't know if I am allowed yet.  I think I might have to wait until the call is closed, which is tomorrow.  Just to keep myself  "safe", I think I might wait until they have made their decision.  That way I won't jeopardize any "possible" chance that I may have.

I'm not one of those scrapbookers who submits to every single Design Team call.  I have to really like a company AND more importantly I have to LOVE their product!  I think it's important for someone to love the materials that they are working with. And I do...I really, do!

So...what is the company? 

I guess I can tell you that.

It's Kiwi Lane. 

Kiwi Lane makes these fun (really fun) Design Templates that you can use to help create really BEAUTIFUL layouts!  There are SO many templates that each time you use one it can be used differently.  Or the same, if you really like it. 

But you know I could go on and on and try and explain how they work...or I could send you directly to their website where they explain it all!  (http://kiwilane.com/)

Now I do have to be honest here.  It did take me awhile to make my very first purchase from Kiwi Lane.  I first discovered them at The Great American Scrapbook Convention in Arlington, Texas three years ago.  The convention is three days long.  And well..it took me two of those days and three trips to their booth before I made my first purchase of Designer Templates.  And well, if the truth is supposed to be told...I actually made my second purchase of the templates on the third day.  Now whenever I go to a Convention and I know that they have a booth there I make it a point to go by and see what new items they have!

Hope I can share my projects with you soon!

Until then!




Jaime said...

Wishing you lots of luck Jill!!

Brenda said...

Good luck, Jill! You'd be an asset to their team for sure!

libbym said...

Good Luck Jill!! Your stuff is always amazing!!