Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I Think I just "MIGHT" be the Crazy Cat Lady...

Everyone has heard the story of the Lady who lives down the street.

She's the crazy one, that has SO many cats.

She likes to spend time with her cats.

She talk to her cats.

She sings to her cats.

She dresses in the same color as her cats.

She lets her cats sit in a chair next to the table while she is eating breakfast (HA!)  Shhhh....we know the truth...the cat is MORE than likely to be sitting ON the table with his face so close to the cereal bowl that you would think HE was eating and NOT the Lady.

She takes the cat(s) for car rides.

Does this sound familiar to anyone but me? 

I think I might actually the Crazy Cat Lady.

I mean...I even plan my scrapbook pages around my cats. Yes, I admit that I have actually put a chair in a position in front of a wall and had my cat sit on the chair and wait for that PERFECT picture.

Don't believe me? 

Here's proof!

See.  I really am the Crazy Cat Lady.

Have a GREAT Night!


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