Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Because I care enough to send the VERY Best!

Isn't that the saying for when you want to send a REALLY nice card to someone?

Or is that Baking?

I'm not

What I am sure of is that I LOVE to make cards.  love. Love. LOVE.  to make cards.

So today I thought I would come online and share three cards that I made recently.  I hope you like them.  And after I post my cards I am going to make a confession that I have about cards....

Now you want to know what my "Confession" is?

You might think it's kind of funny...and you may share it too.


I don't send out the cards I make.

And that's the truth.

Why?  Simple.  Because I'm afraid that the sender will throw them away.  I don't know if they would keep it like me.  Safe in a pile in my Craft room.  I mean I put all that work into creating a card and I really don't want to mail it to someone and have it end up in the circular filing cabinet. 

So I keep them.

There.  I feel SO much better now that I have made that confession!

Have a great day! 


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Debbie Budge said...

Love the cards!