Sunday, August 11, 2013

Hope you are having a "Happy" Sunday!

Now I usually don't begin posts with the word "Happy", because well, usually it's late in the day or even night when I begin a post. But I decided to change things up a bit just for today!

I am Happy!

It's Sunday and I slept in (if you count sleeping until 8:00 a.m. sleeping in)
My cat came in to wish me a good morning, plopped himself down beside me and just began to purr his head off.
My husband is in a GOOD mood and actually cleaned up some piles of stuff that he had laying around in the kitchen.
My daughter is in a really good mood and is hanging out with friends today which I am more than happy for her to do!
My car has gas.
Dh's car as gas.

And here's the best thing of all.  ALL of my grocery shopping is done and it's only 3:38 p.m. 

I went to four different stores today.  Usually I only go to two stores to purchase the things that we need.  But I decided to add Target to my stops and I began the day with a trip to Sprouts to find the bread that we like and of course Kettlecorn! (which my daughter has yet to find!)

So see it's really the small things that make me Happy!

But since all of my grocery and household shopping is done for the week that leaves me more time to do what I love!  Clean?  NO! lol


Lots of things to make this time of year!  Christmas Cards, Craft Show items, Projects for me.  Thinking of making a purse to bring to a wedding that I am going to.  REALLY thinking of that last one, just need to find some fabric to match my dress and shoes which are both Black. (or I could go with something really pretty! like Fuschia). 

So lots of things going on, happening and being planned. 

See I have a reason to be Happy! 

I also thought that I would share a layout that makes me Happy to just look at.  Perhaps it will bring a Smile to your face too!

Have a Happy Day!


libbym said...

I love love love this layout Jill!!

libbym said...

I love love love this layout Jill!!