Thursday, August 15, 2013

So I didn't make the team...

As a lot of my friends know, last month I submitted for the Kiwi Lane Design Team.  I just received notification today that I did not make it.

Am I sad.

Of course I am.

It was the first team that I really wanted to be on since my time with Rusty Pickle.  (LOVED Rusty Pickle).

Will I get over it?

In time....

So...since it's over I'm going to post my final two submissions. 

The first is a banner.  "Happy Day".  I've seen a lot of banners saying Happy Valentines Day, Happy Birthday, etc...but never just a Happy Day one.  So I made one.  Everything on this banner (EVERYTHING) was cut from Kiwi Lane Templates.

My final project was a Purse.

Yes, a purse.

I thought what would no other person make with a Kiwi Lane Template other than a purse.

So I had some fabric and I got out my Scallop template and I traced, and traced and traced. And then I traced some more.

I even made a flower with the Scallop template, and then put a piece of bling in the center.  I do have to say that this purse is even prettier in person!

So those are my final two submissions.  We had to submit five total and the other three have already been posted on my blog.

I think I'm going to take the day off and maybe go get some ice cream or something to cheer me up...cause to tell you the truth...I'm sad.



Anonymous said...

I'm sad for you too... that purse is amazing .. the banner too.. they just don't know talent when they see it...

(Lyn) Commenting anonymously because I don't remember the others...

Tiiu said...

I'm so sorry Jill :( I've loved your creations and think you are very talented. I think the purse is amazing!!