Tuesday, June 18, 2013

WOW! That was a LONG six months!

I have been getting a lot of reminders in my email about my blog.  People commenting and commenting and commenting.  I finally decided today that I needed to come and "DELETE" those comments. 


Mainly because I decided that if people wanted to buy Xanax they knew how and where and didn't need help from my blog.  Also, that if people wanted to buy a Bowflex they knew that there were info-mercials for those and said info-mercials provided a LOT of information on how to buy one of those.  AND if people wanted to lose weight they would know how to call their nearest weight loss center. Those are only three examples of what I deleted.  There were some "comments" advertising for MUCH worse things...I knew that if anyone out there in BlogWorld wanted info for any of thse items that they were smart and really didn't need to get the information from my Blog. Right?

Where have I been?

Well sometimes I wonder that too.

I've been helping my dh with his real estate properties, I've been helping my daughter with her Senior Year activities at school, and I've been trying to get my act together (which is harder that you would think).

But now things have calmed down a bit.  The houses are rented and sold, and the Senior has graduated from high school. And me?  I'm still trying to get my act together.

But one this for sure...I do not have any more x-rated comments on my blog!

Have a Good Day!


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