Friday, October 01, 2010

YES!!! It's October!

So HAPPY that's it's October! Yes, REALLY happy!


Well, lot's of stuff goes on in September and it's not a very happy month for me so I'm glad that it's gone!

What's so great about October? Hmmm...lots of stuff! The weather is Changing! Which means i can open my windows (just a little bit!). Halloween is coming and I LOVE HALLOWEEN! It's just that it's Fall! And it's one of my favorite times of the year!

SO GOODBYE September and HELLO October!

Another GREAT thing about October is that I've joined a Blog Challenge! Yes, me. The one who does't Blog for a long time and then comes back for only a bit, and then leaves again. I decided to join the Blog Challenge from Scrapbook Doodle ( A lot of the ladies there are going ot be participating so tomorrow (this afternoon? or tonite?) I'll get links of those participating and post them here.

I thought that by participating in this Challenge it would get me back to doing things that I love to do. Like Scrapbooking? YES! I'm not quite sure what each day is going to bring but at least I will be making an effort to add a little bit more creativity to my day! It might be a picture, or a project, or quote, a recipe or even a link to something that I saw that I liked. But I'm going to be post EVERY day!

So what's today going to bring?

Hmmm...How about a Quote!

Here goes!!!

"Never Walk Away From an Unexpected Adventure"

I overhead this quote from a show that was on TV a few years ago. The Show was called "October Road" (Title of that show fits this month don't you think?). Anyway, the Mother of the lead actor told him this when he was young and it sort of stuck with him. And when I heard this quote I found my little notebook and immediately wrote it down. I have it on my Facebook Page I have it on a little Curio Box that I made in a Tim Holtz Class and I have it here. Maybe I should do another project with the Quote and hang it in my scrapbook room. But the thing is, I really do LOVE this quote. It's one that I think about a lot, and it's the one quote that I thought of when I went to the Grand Canyon all by myself and walked on the Skywalk. We all should NEVER walk away from Unexpected Adventures!

And that is what October is Going to be to me. An Unexpected Adventure! I think it's going to be a fun one!


Karen said...

Welcome October! Love that quote. Have a fantastic weekend!

Sherri said...

Love that Quote too Jill!

BAHGL said...

Love that Quote Jill!

Janice said...

Hey Jill...
Glad you are doing the challenge too! It's going to be fun to read all the posts!!
Have a great weekend!

Jodi_E said...

Cute blog Jill.