Thursday, November 08, 2007

My Christmas "Wish" List

I was visiting one of my favorite Scrapbooking Message Boards today ( and there was a thread there about Christmas. The thread got me thinking. In it there was one comment that said "I know you don't shop at so and so store, but I do". Well that one sentence got me thinking! There are lots of stores that I don't shop at and there are lots of stores that I DO Shop at. And some of the stores that people do shop at FOR me are are not the same stores that i go to. So, what better place to list the stores that I do shop at!

Since I am a scrapbooker, a gift card to a scrapbook store would be a wonderful idea! However, all the stores in my area are closing...well the scrapbook stores. BUT! we still have Hobby Lobby and Michael's. So if someone wanted to purchase a gift card for me for scrapbooking supplies it would be wonderful to have one to Hobby Lobby or Michael's. Hobby Lobby is less than a mile from my house and I am there a LOT! (okay, maybe i shouldn't say a lot...but at least 3 or more times a week I can be found wondering the aisles). Michaels is about six miles away, but I like to go there to see what they have on sale. They also carry this ribbon that I like to use on just about every project.

Clothing stores. Okay, so since I am a scrapbooker I (personally, just me!) don't like to spend a lot on my clothes. I am perfectly comfortable in sweats, tshirts, jeans, sweaters and stuff like that. I like to look neat, but if I paint or spill mod podge on me I don't want to ruin what I have on. So I shop at Target mostly. Once in awhile I will venture to Dillards or somewhere like that if I have to have something really nice, but most days you will find me in comfy clothes that I can replace easily. I know, if I wore an apron that would protect my clothes wouldn't it!.

What else would I like for Christmas:

Hmmmm....I just got a new camera for my Birthday! It's a NIKON D40X...I'd love a new lense for my camera! So I'm hoping that dh will get that for me!

Ohh..but you know what! I would also love a tv/dvd/combo for my scrapbook room! that way I could watch movies while i worked! So the best place to buy one of those is at Target or Best Buy!

See, there's lots of things that I could put on my list! But mostly gift cards would be great! Especially if they are all to the same place! That way I can combine them and put them towards one big item! Like a tv for my room....or a lense for my camera, or even a cartridge for my Cricut Machine.

Just some shopping advice from someone who is going to have a Wonderful Christmas! (because I usually shop for myself! lol)

Have a great day!


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