Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Posting Some Projects!

This month's Rusty Pickle Challenge is up on the RP Blog! Go to and take a look! Also all the chefs gave the challenge a try too! Including me! I LOVED how my layout for the challenge turned out!

You know what the nicest thing about having a blog is? It's your own personal gallery! You can post whatever you want in it! So that's what I'm going to do today! Here are a few project that I did lately! I would love to post this one project that I just finished today but I have submittal plans for that one!

This is the second Family Chipboard sign that I made for the Armstrong Family Fundraiser (the first was made with the Cap'n Jack Line. This sign was made using the new French Market line from Rusty Pickle. I LOVE how it turned out! And now I want to make one myself! This sign was made using only FIVE sheets of Rusty Pickle Paper.

Yes, my cat is a party animal isn't he! This is my sixteen year old cat Joey. Yes, he has a party hat on, and yes we had a party, but it wasn't for was for my other cat Snoopy. The hat belongs to one of my daughter's bears from Build-A-Bear...luckily it fits my kitty cats too! I put this hat on Joey when he was sitting up, but then he just sort of laid down and I snapped this really cute picture of him!

Thanks for looking!



HappyHappyJoyJoy said...

These are such cute layouts! I love the "Party Animal" one - he looks like he partied like it's 1999...haha!
That Christmas layout is fantastic - it's really cool that S's name is on there - very fun! Hope to see you soon...

Chris said...

jill these are awesome