Friday, August 08, 2014

Happy Birthday Kiwi Lane!

In case you didn't know...Kiwi Lane is now 5 Years Old!  And well...I knew that when I was making my project for this month, but I actually had this project in mind for someone else.  



You see in September I turn the big 5-0!  Yes, 50.  And well since I'm the one who is responsible for Birthday's around here I decided that I needed to make a decoration for me!

It's Bright, It's Shiny, It's Sparkly and it's Pink!

And it just makes me happy to look at it.  

When I first started my project I already had the frame painted and glittered and I also had the paper that I wanted to use in their respective spots. But I still sat and looked at it for the longest time trying to figure out what I wanted to go in each section.  I pulled out some templates from the Tiny Celebrate Template Collection (the templates i used are: 1T, 4T, 5T, 6T) and the Playtime Collection (the template I used is 3) and just sort of laid them out to how I "thought" I wanted them to be. Here's a snapshot of that process....

Each wooden section of the frame highlights a different Designer Template in the Tiny Celebrate Template Collection (there are MORE templates in the package, but i just used those that I found fit my personal theme).

As you can see it's a LOT different from what I started out with.  I moved some things around and added some others.

I made an Ice Cream Cone!
(with some Sparkly Sprinkles!)

I Made Some Pinwheels!
(With Rhinestone Centers!)

 Some Sparkly Balloons! 
(With Sparkly Spots!)

And a Pretty Pink Banner!

 The Banner is Special!  It's made from some very, very pretty Material from Mon Ami Gabby!  But here's the was white.  Can you imagine what my banner would like white?  No, neither can I.  It HAD to be Pink. So I did what any normal Scrapbooker would do.

I painted it. :o)

The pretty Sparkly Pink Rhinestones are also from Mon Ami Gabby!  I LOVE their product (and yes, I have other things from them hidden away!)  

Be sure to stop by and visit Mon Ami Gabby on Facebook!  Or, You could also do one of my favorite things....go Shopping!  I'm sure you'll find something pretty and sparkly to play with too! 

And ALSO!  Remember to stop by The Kiwi Lane Designs Facebook Page and tell them "Happy Birthday!" 

Thanks for visiting me today!  Have a Great one! :0)


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traupman said...

WOW! I must scrap lift this for my 40th this year! This just rocks!