Monday, June 09, 2014

So I made it as a Finalist in my Category in The Craftsys!

I entered this contest on a whim.
I entered it on a prayer.
And I'm crossing my fingers for tomorrow. 
I honestly feel that I don't have a chance at all, but you never know.  
So I"m REALLY not expecting anything.  

What was my Project that I submitted? 

The Happy Girl Canvas that I it is...

I absolutely LOVE this Canvas.  
The Photos were taken by me of my daughter in a Field of Sunflowers.
I was torn between using the Black and White photos versus, Color. 
I eventually decided that if I did use the Color it would be TOO much color. 
So Black and White it is. 

This little canvas...well it's not little.  
It's 16 x 20, it brings a Smile to my face. 
This little canvas....makes me happy.
This little canvas....shows my "Happy Girl"
This little much prettier in person!
This little canvas....


Tiiu said...

Jill, I absolutely *love* this canvas too, and you are a well deserved finalist. It is absolutely gorgeous and you clearly put a lot of work into it. It's been so cool for me to see it make the rounds on the internet and on Pinterest and think "That's Jill's! I know her!"

Win, lose or draw, at the end of the day tomorrow you have a gorgeous piece of art with some beautiful pictures of your daughter (and that's most important imo!).

Good luck!

Jill said...

Awww...Tiiu! You made me cry! Thanks for being my friend...even though we are so far away, I am glad that we can keep in touch through Facebook! Looking forward to seeing you in September!

Golden Goddess Designs said...

very nice project!