Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Am I in the right place???

Yes... I think I am!

This is my Blog isn't it?

It's just that it's been SO LONG since I've been here I sort of forgot what it looked like! (lol)

Not really...

SO, where have I been? Yes. It has been a long time but I have been SUPER busy with some stuff. Right after the Gwen Stefani Concert in May I got this wild idea that I would try out for the Rusty Pickle Design Team...Well I really decided on May 19th that I would try out. So that's what I've been doing.

Rusty Pickle ( is this WONDERFUL Scrapbook Manufacturer! And I DO mean WONDERFUL!I am a fanatic about Rusty Pickle Products! Even more so now. So as I was saying on May 19th I decided to enter the Rusty Pickle Design Team Contest. Here is how it worked...In order to even be consided for the contest you had to design a mini album, a layout and an altered project. Remember, I said to even be considered. So everyone who wanted to enter the "Rusty Pickle Amazing Race" had to complete those three projects and send them in. Rusty Pickle was only going to pick 20 of all the entries that were submitted to them. And out of the 20 only 12 of the contestants will become Rusty Pickle Chefs.

Follow me???

So, I completed my three projects and I sent them in. Remember that I made my decision to enter on May 19? Well, I didn't start my projects for another two days. I worked and worked and worked, and finally I had my projects done and sent in by the deadline specified. Then all those who entered had to wait for the results to see who the twenty scrapbookers would be. Imagine my surprise when I received an email from Rusty Pickle letting me know that I would be a finalist!!! I screamed for joy! And my husband? Well, he was wondering why I was screaming! I had to explain it to him...he finally got it.

So now I am one of twenty contestants in the Rusty Pickle Amazing Race. Rusty Pickle was so generous to us! They sent us two boxes of Rusty Pickle Product...this product was to be used for our projects in the race. I was in New Braunfels, Texas (at Schlitterbahn) when my boxes arrived, but as soon as I returned home I opened them up and organized them in their own special container so that nothing would happen to them...and also so that I would know where everything was!

The Race has been going on for a week and two days now and so far we have completed five projects. We have three more to go! This afternoon we received out 6th clue on what I project should be, so I have to get back to work soon....

And I'd love to show you all my projects, but I asked and I can't post them anywhere except the websites that are hosting the Amazing Race. So if you are following along and know where to look you can see everyones projects.

5 projects down
1 project in the works
2 projects to go

And then we find out who makes it. I really would like to make it!

Have a great day!!!



kaj said...

Cool! I didn't know you were a finalist! I knew you were working on it I just didn't understand. Congratulations! I'm going to see if I can find your work.

Latharia said...

That is just too cool!!!