Friday, October 05, 2007

The Armstrong Family Fundraiser

First off I have something to say. Please, please do me one favor. Please go to the Rusty Pickle Blog ( and follow the link to the Armstrong Family Fundraiser Blog ( . Rusty Pickle is doing a wonderful thing by helping this family out! I so wish that I could attend this event, but I can't since it's being held in Arizona and Utah. I live in Texas, and well it's a little bit too far for me to attend. But those of you that live in Arizona and Utah can attend!

Tracy Armstrong was shot 4 times at point blank range by a guest at his Panquitch Lake Resort. This father of nine is now paralysed from the arms down and is not able to work. Additionally his wife is staying at a hotel in Provo to be near her husband and having to deal with child care and the loss of the family bread winner. In additional to the loss of income they are dealing with insurance deductables, increased living expenses, and upgrading their home and resort for Tracy.

Another way that you can help out the Armstrong Family is by purchasing Raffle Tickets. The prize is $500.00 worth of yummy Rusty Pickle Products! You can enter your name in the drawing 1 time for $5 or 5 times for $20 (or 25 times for $100!). ALL FUNDS WILL BE DONATED DIRECTLY TO THE FAMILY! To purchase Raffle Tickets please go to this link:

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