Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Where have the days gone?

Yeah...I know....long time no post? So where have my days gone?

I never know what summer is going to bring around, so I try and just go with the flow! But seriously...where have I been? Not under a rock I can say that much.

This is exactly where I have been...

The first week of June I alway hit The Great American Scrapbook Convention in Arlington, Texas. I leave my house early on Wednesday Morning and I don't come home until it's over. Only this year I had to come home early so I could make it to my daughter's dance recital. She told me I didn't have to come to it! Can you believe that! Not come to her dance recital? I haven't missed one for the last ten years, and I wasn't going to miss this one either!

Three days after I returned from GASC my dh left town for a week and a half so Sarah and I decided to spend the days away from the house. We tend to go to the movies a LOT during the summer. The movies and the Water Park. That's usually where you can find us!

Three days after DH returned home from his event Sarah and I packed our bags and headed to Florida for TWO WEEKS! Yes, TWO WEEKS! Sarah and I visited her grandparents (my mom and dad, otherwise known as Georgie and Rita). And we also went to Disney World for a few days. Sarah had a BLAST playing with my mom and dad's new dog...his name is Teddy and he is SUPER CUTE! I took some really, really good pictures of him and I can't wait to scrapbook and share them!

Sarah and I returned home to Texas on July 9, and continued on our summer trek. We went to WaterParks and Movies, and she went to friends houses, went to sleepovers and stuff like that.

The past week though has been a blur....one long, hot, hot, blur. Our air conditioner broke. Yep....over a hundred degrees outside and NO air conditioner. I was driving sarah home from dance class last monday and dh called me on my cell and said that I couldn't complain about what he was going to tell me because he was calling me before I got home. (like this means I can't complain??? well, shock of all shocks...I didn't). So I got home and found out that the house was already 90 degrees....ummmm...and that was at 8:00 p.m. at night. What could we do? Sarah and I decided to sleep in the tv room with the cats. We thought it would be cooler under the fan in the tv room (yeah...right).

On Tuesday Morning Simon (dh) started to call around to get quotes and have people come and look at our system. (Yeah...it's broken, what else do they need to know?) To make a LONG story short...(or shorter) the air conditioner unit outside had broken and it needed to be replaced, and the earliest it could be replaced was on Thursday.

Fine, I can deal with it...so Sarah and I decided that we were getting out of the house and going to Barnes and Nobles, the Library, the Mall...anywhere to get out of the house.

Tuesday passed, Wednesday passed and Thursday arrived! The air conditioner was fixed on this day! and it was cool and felt wonderful!!! Until Friday night. Friday night the coil up in the attic decided that it didn't want to work either. So what to do? Call the air conditioner guy back up and ask him to come out on Saturday....and he came. And he gave me the news. The "Coil" had to be replaced and this was happening until Monday Afternoon.)

Okay, are you counting the days here? AC Broke on Monday, No air on Tuesday or Wednesday, Fixed on Thursday, Broke on Friday, No air on Saturday or Sunday.

Well I made it through the weekend.

I sent dd over to the neighbors house to sleep in the AC...and I stayed at home with my cats, without the ac all by myself...(I should get major brownie points for this!)

Monday came...the air conditioning people came. The air is fixed. And I'm happy. You know, there is more to the story, but I would just go on and on and on....

But you have to know this! I didn't complain at all! (I know! can you believe this!)

Have a GREAT Day!!!


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