Friday, January 16, 2009

Where have I been?

Just a breakdown of where I've been lately...
July: Visiting Disney World and visiting my Parents in North Florida.
August: Spending lazy days at Hawaiian Falls with my Daughter.
September: Exploring the Grand Canyon and Attending Creative Escape in Phoenix.
October: Halloween of Course!
November: Rusty Pickle Chef Retreat in Utah!
December: Entertaining my Brother in Law who was visiting us from Hungary. He was here visitng us for three weeks.
January: on the Floor of the Garage.
Today: Getting ready to update my "Real Life" Resume'.

Guess I better explain what I mean by on the floor of the Garage huh. So it was a beautiful sunny Tuesday afternoon, (January 6th). And well, I got this wild hair to clean up the Christmas Decorations that were in the garage. Simon had arranged the boxes so that it was sort of hard to get around my car and get in the house. So, i said to myself "self, lets tidy this place up a bit". And I started. I was moving boxes from to there and from there to here and it was looking better. Then i picked up this one box, i began to lose my grip on the box and then my body twisted, the box fell I tried to catch it, i twisted some more and then i landed BOOM on the right side of my body and my head hit the garage floor.

Luckily I had my cell phone in my pocket and the garage door was open. So I laid there for a bit and said to my self that maybe I should call someone. I was also hoping that someone might drive by and see me laying there. Noone drove by. So i thought maybe I should call someone...but i decided that I would just lay there for a bit and I did. After a little while I decided that he garage floor was cold and I carefully got myself up and into the house. I had about an hour before I had to pick up my daughter from school so I sat on the couch and watched tv quietly.

I did try to call my husband, but he wasn't answering his phone. So I just sat. At 3:00 i left the house and got my daughter from school. And then Simon called asking what I wanted. I told him what happened and asked him where he was and why he didn't answer his phone. I forgot, he had a dentist appointment.

I was dizzy for about a week....but I was fine.

Oh and that last thing on my list...yep you read that right. I have to go back out into the real world. Should be fun!

{Jill }

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JeanieBeanie said...

I am just so glad you were not seriously hurt!!!