Wednesday, May 27, 2009

American Idol Sadness....

Yes, It has taken me a week to sort of get over my Idol Sadness. For the record I voted for Adam. Every Week I voted for Adam. The most votes I ever did on a Tuesday night was 141 votes...all for Adam.

On the final Tuesday I voted for Adam.

Wednesday I was SO excited because I knew that Adam would win!

Wednesday night the winner was announced and it wasn't Adam.

Friends have told me why Adam didn't win....I guess I was among the minority in my small group. The friends said that "America" wanted somepme who was Clean Cut...well that's not Adam. But, Adam has style and talent and that is what I was looking at!

I REALLY want to go see the American Iodl tour when it comes to Dallas in July (the 23rd)...but I'll be in Florida then. Didn't think about that when I was making my travel plan. I DID think of driving down to Tampa to see him on the 28th...but that's the day before I come back home. All I can do is hope that Adam will be back in Dallas (or close to it!) sometime in the near future.

Adam will be my American Idol! Okay dd's too! Okay, so my husband voted for him too....ALL of us! And when Adam goes on tour I will be there. Now I am off to Cafe' Press to purchase my Adam Lambert T-Shirt, and yes...I have also already joined's Official Website.


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