Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Where did it go?

So I had this really, really long post about what's been going on here and I guess right in the middle of it when I lost internet connection is vanished!

So, I'll recreate it later! But, for right now I just wanted to post some photos of some projects that I did for Rusty Pickle!

So at our house we have one English Dude and one (okay two) American Chicks....so we really don't decorate for fourth of July or well, Thanksgiving either. But since Rusty Pickle came out with the New Rockin' America Line I decided to make a USA Banner!

On June 9th we went to see an Elvis Impersonator and these are some of the photos that I took. We're going to go back, hopefully in July so I need to remember to bring my good camera.

My daughter and I love animals. Especially baby animals! So whenever we see baby animals (okay, anything really cute) we take a picture! I used the Rusty Pickle Candyland Line for this layout.

I'll rewrite that previous post later....



BAHGL said...

I Love your Blog name, so unique!
I LOVE your americana banner!

From the Doodle

Anonymous said...

Hi Jill, just thought I'd pop by and say hi and I just love your sense of humour, it rocks, Tiff from Oz xxx.

Kim Schroeder said...

ok - the patriotic banner rocks!! & since the english dude is out numbered, think you need to go all out american!!

Liz said...

Very cute love that 4th of July stuff