Monday, March 01, 2010

Does it Snow in Texas?

That's a question that a lot of my friends ask me. And my answer to them surprises them too. YES! It snows in Texas. Now, it doesn't snow like it does up North but when it does we ALL go out and play! Here are pictures to prove it...

Yes...she's texting and holding a snowball at the same time. Very talented! She actually threw that snowball at me before she put her phone away.
Simon and Sarah thowing snowballs at you see a theme here?

Sarah protecting me from becoming the victim of another snowball...

Sarah crushing the snow over Simon. I guess he deserved it!

I guess she thought that I deserved getting crushed by a snowball too. It was all fun though!
Simon building a snowman. Simon and "Bob"...yes, we name our snowmen here in Texas!

My mini-man that I made for my mailbox. Yeah...i used scrapbooking supplies!

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