Saturday, January 22, 2011

Starting Over.

That's what it feels like. Starting over. Yes, it's a New Year. Well okay, not really because we are like 22 days into it and I'm just getting things really back to normal here (whatever "normal" is!).

December came and went FAST! And it was a busy time, for everyone! But you know I honestly don't know what I did during that month, other than get ready for Christmas. So HAPPY that's it's January. Back to "Normal".

The decorations were put up in the attic early this year. If it was up to me and my daughter they would still be out. And yes, I would still turn on my christmas lights. My neighbors might not be happy, but I would! I remember one year that I left my Christmas Tree up through February. I even turned the lights on. One of my neighbors asked me then when I was going to take it down. Because you know, Christmas was over. I told her soon....(maybe?). That neighbor moved away...wonder why? I really don't think me keeping my Christmas Tree had anything to do with!

I've also decided to change a few things. No more DARK Background. No more BRIGHT Background. No more BUSY Background. Just plain old me. For awhile at least until I find something that I really, REALLY like! To those of you that know me....well I know that's not normal either! lol


Nah...why be Normal!

I'm just going to have fun being ME!



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