Wednesday, January 28, 2015

All Good Things Must Come to an End...

That's true.

The End of Vacation.
The End of a Hot Fudge Sundae.
The End of a Movie.
The End of a Book.
The End of a Date.
The End of a REALLY good cup of Coffee.
The End of a Nap.
The End of ....well. You get it.

All Good Things Must Come to and End.

And with that being said, my Design Team Term with Kiwi Lane is exactly TWO days to be exact.

It's been a LOT of  Fun! And I've really enjoyed the time I've spent getting to know the other ladies on the team.

And I knew that my time was coming...and now it's here.  So yeah....I'm a little sad.

Kiwi Lane will always be one of my MOST Favorite Tool Manufacturers!  And yes, I do use them on my own layouts and projects.  Which is what I think made me enjoy being on the team even more! SO with that being said, I think I'll post some of my favorite Kiwi Lane Projects! These are only a few!  I'll be adding more into my Kiwi Lane Designs Gallery Tab (located above) in the very near future!

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