Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Once Upon a Time There Was a Cat....

Once Upon a Time There Was a Cat...

And this cat was loved beyond all other things in life!  (at least that's what he thinks!) 

This cat is Spoiled....yes he is! 

This cat can sit wherever he wants...usually on me! 

This cat "thinks" he is KING of the house...okay, he really is! 

This cat has a name....and it's SnoopyCat. 

Lots of  my friends know about my cat Snoopy.  They know that I love him very, very much!  They know that I put his needs before mine...(you know like if he's sleeping on me and I need to get up I stay put until he wakes up).  

But what some people don't know is that Snoopy has his own Suite.  Yes...he has a room.  Why?  well...because he's grumpy and doesn't get along with my other two kitties (Bug and Dewey).  So we have to keep them separate 24 hours a day.  Some people think I'm crazy for living like this, having to rotate cats, but you know I adopted all three of them, and I adopted them for LIFE!  Which means I"ll work around them!  :-) 

So back to Snoopy. 

Yes, he has a room.  

And like any other cat that has is own room you know he NEEDS to have a sign for THAT room.  SO I made him one!  lol 

But First! 

This is SnoopyCat! 

So this post isn't really supposed to be about him, but he's sitting here watching me type this as I go along and he told me that I had better put a photo of him in this post!  lol 

And here is his sign!  

I guess I lucked out when I chose the file because it had a crown on it already! lol 

Just to be serious for a moment, this file is really great!  There are eight (8) different SVG Cut files of Cute Cats in this one file!  I LOVE it!  And yes..the Crazy Cat Lady in me has already cut out each of  the files out already in hopes of making a Kitty Album with them one day! 

I even attached a piece of Black Gingham Ribbon to hang it from...I really, really wanted to tie a big ole bow in it, but you know I thought I was pushing my limits between the Ribbon and the Pink Paper for a boy cat...

One thing I really wish I knew how to do here is how to add a video.  Why?  Well, because I put a little wobble underneath the Cat's Head so that if will wobble if you hit it.  It's TOTALLY cute!  and just makes me laugh when it wobbles!  

I hope you enjoyed my Project, as much as I enjoyed making it!  And yes...I really am a 
Crazy Cat Lady!

Files Used: 


scrappinupstyle said...

What a sweet frame! I love this idea.

Clickersister said...

That is adorable!!! Love your kitty!!

dawn bradley said...

I love this and buying the cats and frame to make. What paper should be used for the frame so it’s strong? Thank you

Jill said...

Dawn Bradley, i used Coordinations and Bazzill Cardstock. But I also added some chipboard to the back for extra support.

dawn bradley said...

Thank you

Valerie said...

Love your kitty, his beautiful green eyes AND the sign for his room. Cute idea too for action wobble on his head, haha.