Monday, August 28, 2006

10 Days and Counting!

Ten days and counting. What am I counting for? Creative Escape of course!!! ( This is the first of what I hope is many Creative Escapes with Heidi Swapp!

I have ten days to go until I meet my friends at CE and I can't wait to see them! We haven't seen each other since October of last year, when we met! But everytime I read one of their emails I imagine they are talking to me. Hmmm....on second thought it could just be voices!!! (lol).
So with Creative Escape being so close (ten days to be exact) I figured that I had been get cracking on my projects. I have almost finished my Rolodex Cards for the Rolodex Card Swap, I'm almost done making this purse that I think is really cute! And, I have two out of 9 Clipboard almost done! I was making pretty good progress on the clipboards until I ran out of twill! So I'm off to buy more twill tomorrow, as well as ribbons that I need too!

Here is a pictrure of the clipboard so far. I might add one other thing to it, but I have to figure that out! I'll post a picture of the purse tomorrow night. It's drying right now, and I'm afraid if I touch it I'll ruin it!!!

So back to the clipboards. When I originally decided to do these (ten originally) I was going to just paint them pink and have some ribbons or something on them. But then I decided that there needed to be another color on them. So I placed a Heidi Swapp Mask on top of the pink and sprayed Brown Spray Paint over the Mask. After the paint was dry I put a name (my roommates!!!) on the bottom left of the Mask. I chose ribbons that I thought would look good with the paint and the Mask Design. But then I had an idea to decorate the Twill with "Creative Escape". I stamped on side and then looked at it. If I tied it onto the clipboard the side that didn't have any stamping would show, so of course I had to stamp the other side too! So notice that I said I was originally going to do ten? Guess what happened to the tenth one. I kept it of course!

Thanks for looking!

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