Thursday, January 11, 2007

Heidi Swapp's January Life Challenge for the BPS Class

So now everyone knows that I am signed up for Heidi's class over at the Big Picture ( And for the first week we were given the task of setting our goal. On this goal we are supposed to answer some questions, so here i go!

My Goal Is: To Simply and Organize my Scrapbook Room for Inner Peace.

1. To keep focused on any goal you must have a completion date. Set a date when you will be accomplishing the goal you have chosen:

The completion date of my goal is May 25, 2007. Why that date? It's the last day of school. So I have between now and then to get my act together and get things organized! Because once school gets out for the summer it's pool time and "field trip" time with dd!

2. Think of five reasons why you want to accomplish this goal.
  1. So that my scrapbook room will be neat and tidy.
  2. So that I won't get stressed out whenever I walk into my scrapbook room
  3. So that dh won't make comments about my scrapbook room being messy! (l0l)
  4. So that when I am looking for something it will be in it's spot.
  5. So that when friends come over I can invite them to scrapbook in my scrapbook room and not be afraid of them seeing a mess!

3. Determine something you will tell yourself everyday to keep you motivated.

I don't know what I'm going to tell myself yet, but i do have this vision in my head of being in my scrapbook room and having it all neat and tidy! I have the colors all picked out for everything so that's helping too! I think it's just going to be the vision in my head that will keep me going!

4. Enlist support. Tell someone that will encourage you throughout the process and hold you accountable for your goal.

I've told two people about my goal for this class. The first is my husband Simon, the one who started to help me redo my scrapbook room two and a half years ago...and well, I hold him partially responsible for the state of my scrapbook room right now. I mainly told him what I was doing so that when he got the credit card bill for new organizing things he would know why I was spending it! And the second person is a friend of mine, Tracey. Tracey is actually taking the class too! But we have different goals that we are focusing on. I just ran my "goal" by Tracey to see what she thought of it. And well, she thought it was a pretty good goal too - at least that's what I think she said! (lol)

5. Take photos, or have someone else take photos, representing your goal.

Okay, I have taken photos. One is a photograph of a pile of stuff that is in front of my closet. I have to go throught this stuff piece by piece. And the other photograph is of my desk that has all this stuff all over it, you might wonder how I work with all that stuff on there! Both photos are on my camera and well, it's not hooked up right now so I'll post them later on (or else I'll just keep them to myself so that noone will be able to see how truly messy my room is!)

Whoo...there! I've answer all five questions! Let's see if I can keep this up!

Until next time! Have a great day!



Latharia said...

AWESOME!!! I know what can motivate you .... thoughts of freezing your butt off in England! :)

Chiara said...

ooh I am so glad that you are bloggin again I missed you.