Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I am SO busy!!!

Yeah, I know, everyone is busy right? Well, i know that! But this week, especially today and tomorrow I am super busy! I have SO much stuff that I have to do it's not funny. Let me reword that. What I really have is a list of things to do that will take up a lot of time, it's not that it's a LOT of stuff to do, it's just time-consuming!

Here is my list:
1. I have to get my mail out. I have packages to get ready to mail and I have to get them out of here!!! (Do you hear that Susanne?) As soon as I am done here I'm heading to the post office, well, after I get everything all wrapped up and addressed!
2. I have to get caught up on my Heidi Swapp Big Picture class. I've stated my goal, and I've taken my pictures. But I have to do the artistic challenge and get that done. Which means I have to print out my pictures. Guess I better upload then first.
3. I have a SUPER BIG project that I have to finish this week. Not going to say what it is. Just that I have to get it done.
4. I have another project that I promised to get done this weekend. It'll get done, even if I have to stay up all night.
5. I have to plan my daughter's Birthday Party and make the invitations, make the reservations and everything. Then drive dd around to deliver the invitations. And then I have to go and buy a "Cupcake Tree" because she doesn't want to have a Birthday Cake, but wants to have a Pretty "Cupcake Tree".
6. The gym. I have to go. That's all there is to it!
7. Help dd finish building her castle. Yes, castle. Her entire class was given what was called the Castle Building Assignment. Each student has to build a Castle from things that are around their house. Lucky, I'm a scrapbooker! We're almost done with it, just have to really asemble it!

So that's my week. See it's not that there is a lot of stuff, it's just time consuming stuff, and well I guess I could stay up a few nights this week. Because you know, I work better in the quiet of the night!

Have a great day!


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Latharia said...

You have a lot of tasks ... but MAN, they sound like FUN! A castle? I'd love to build a castle!!!! :)

Don't worry about getting anything in the mail to me. No one's gonna think you flaked ... and I'm totally fine with delayed gratification. It just allows for more antici----

---PATION! :) Yeah, I'm silly. You knew that, though. :D