Monday, May 11, 2015

I'm "Fusing" My Kiwi Lane....

**** Updated Blog Post with More Photos can be found here:

Last week on Facebook I wrote on my Wall that I was re-organizing my Kiwi Lane Designer Templates.

Let's face it...what I was using wasn't working for me. Yes...the photo below is a plastic container filled with Kiwi Lane Templates.  (Not all of them....but some!).  It just really wasn't working for me and i had to find a solution. (This is the photo that I posted to Facebook)

I knew there was a better way for me to organize my Kiwi Lane Templates, I knew what I had to do, and I knew that it would take me some time to complete.

I thought what would be the easiest, most portable way to organize my templates?

Well, the first way would be the Design Tray that Kiwi Lane sold. I always had high hopes of being able to afford a Design Tray...especially when I first started to collect my templates.  But a friend of mine who purchased the tray said that it wasn't really portable, that it was too big, and that the tray needed a lid to go over the top in case it toppled over in your car on the way to a Crop or Convention.

The second idea I had was peg board.  Well, peg board would work at home, but it wouldn't be very portable! (lol...everyone would see me coming though!  Hey, look! there's Jill with her Kiwi Lane Templates!).

The Third idea that i had was a binder.  I thought all along that binder would be a good idea! (yes...before the peg board, but you have to explore every avenue!).  But just using regular page protectors really wouldn't work because the templates would get all jumbled up...and i really wanted to get away from the metal rings.  So i tried my soldering iron to make customized page protectors for my binder...and it worked.  For awhile!  BUT THEN I FOUND!

The Fuse.

Okay, this isn't a review of the Fuse, but I just had to share that I LOVE the Fuse!  The Fuse worked so much better on the page protectors than the Soldering Iron.  The iron would melt the page protectors to the point of where sometimes they would look like they were tearing.  But the "Fuse" fused the page protectors together at the just the right temperature.

So now that you know what I about seeing how my templates look?

Now you have to know this...I"m not done yet.  Hopefully I will be done by the end of this week (I ran out of Page Protectors).  I'm going to post a followup post to my blog with my completed project...which includes tabs on the side so that I know what template set is where...and they are organized by the "type" of Template.  Please note...I"m sharing "some" of the photos.  I have a lot more of 12 Inch Templates in the binder than what is shown and  to post photos of each of them would just be repetitive, for now, what you see is a "Sampling".  Same goes for the Accessories.  But after the project is completely complete I'll post more photos of the "Project"  (this weekend, hopefully!)

After starting my project I thought what could I have done to make it even more convenient of me?  Yeah, I should have put them in alphabetical order....but i didn't.  But look at them!  They are organized!  And I'm happy!




Rachael said...

This is PERFECT! You are a genius! Can't wait to thumb through your collection and be envious....

Sue Brown said...

Genius! I love this.

Jaci said...

I saw this and bought the tool! Do you have any updated pics with your finished project? I'm doing this for my best friend as a birthday present...she who has ALL the templates! What brand of protectors did you use?

mheid said...

I am also using my fuse, but how do you make the pocket opening when putting several rows on one page protector?