Friday, February 26, 2016

Happy Friday Everyone!  It's FINALLY the weekend!

I have plans!  Do you?

Okay, so yes...they are Scrapbooking plans, but you know I LOVE to Scrapbook so I'll take any opportunity i can to go and Scrapbook with Friends.

But first...some updates (Mostly all KiwiLaneGirl related)

The Video.  Yes, it's going to happen.  As a matter of fact, right after i finish my blog post i'm going to gather everything and prepare for the Video.  I have to make sure that i have everything ready, so i won't get sidetracked.  That's one of the things i don't like when I watch videos.  People not being prepared.  So...i'm going to prepare.  I need to cut, and measure and have everything ready.

The Website:  My Website.  Yes, I now have my replicated website for Kiwi Lane. (  To get to my website all you have to do is type and it will take you there!  Or you can "Click" on the tab above (it's up there to the right).

The Kiwi Lane Girl Facebook Page:  Yes...i have one of those too.  To join my Facebook Page all you have to do is go to the right and "Click" on the Kiwi Lane Independent Instructor Logo and you will magically arrive at my Facebook Group Page.  Just choose "Join" and I will be more than happy to add you.  Do you have friends that would like to join?  You can add them too!  The more the MERRIER!

Do you like to purchase pre-made pages?  I have that too!  Yes..i create pages using my Kiwi Lane Designer Templates and I place those for sale in my Etsy Store. The Etsy Button to the upper right will take you directly to my Etsy Store.  Now..i don't have very many in there right now, but keep checking back!  More will be added!

And please remember, and pass it around!  I sort of like the sound of that!

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