Thursday, March 09, 2017

A St. Patrick's Day Celebration Frame!

Like i said before I LOVE my box frames.

They are easy to decorate and require little space to put on display, which is why it appeals to me.

This month's box theme is St. Patrick's Day.  And it's easy to do, especially since the Box Frame created in February can easily be customized with all new cards that i created especially for St. Patrick's Day!

When i first began creating these box frames i decided to use a base color that can be used with every theme i could think of. Which is why i chose black paint and black glitter.  You of course can customize to your favorite color.  Since black is one of my most favorite colors, it works for me.

I used two files from My Scrap Chick.  The first Cutting File Set that i used was the Lucky Rainbow Bears

And the second file i used was the Fall Pennant

If you wanted to add more to your display, you could also cut out some Shamrocks and place those in some 5x7 frames and place on either side of the Display Box.

I hope you've enjoyed looking at my first project for March!  As you can tell, i love working with little pieces of paper, putting them all together and seeing what i can create!  It's alwasy a surprise!

Speaking of Surprises....anyone want to take a guess at what my next project will be?

Here's a's not a box frame!

Happy Creating!



Lisa Barnett said...

This is so adorable Jill! Love it!

Sue from Oregon said...

Oh my...this was definitely a labor of love and will be so fun to decorate your house! ♥ Sue Kment

Anonymous said...

Hi Jill. This is a really really good idea if you do not have a lot of space for displays. But still want to do something awesome. With regards to your Black Glittered Wooden Frame. Could you please provide size for the Black Glittered Wooden Frame & as well as the size of the frame inserts inside the Black Glittered Wooden Frame.

Many thanks that would be so helpful.

Hope you have a fantastic day.

Kind Regards
Lynette ;-)